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The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Show: A Behind the Scenes Recap

The Victoria’s Secret 2015 Fashion Show is one of the most televised events in fashion each year. With gorgeous girls in silk robes running backstage and the best of the best glam teams intact, we were anticipating a night to remember; especially with the new Angel additions, including ‘It’ girls Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Kendall Jenner Victoria's Secret 2015 Beachwaver

The show, divided into 6 segments, began with Behati Prinsloo’s perfect beach waves taking charge of the gold mirrored runway.

Behati Prinsloo Victoria's Secret 2015 Beachwaver

The models walked the catwalk as sisterly comrades and girl power filled the room. Ellie Goulding, whose hair was coiffed by Harry Josh, performed during the second segment, Exotic Butterflies.

Ellie Goulding Harry Josh Victoria's Secret 2015 Beachwaver

The models hair was soft and textured, the perfect beach wave thanks to Sarah Potempa’s genius Beachwaver iron. Backstage, Michael Angelo, owner of Wonderland Beauty Parlor in NYC gave us the inside scoop behind this magical iron: “The ceramic coating made for one of the smoothest, cleanest experiences backstage and the iron heats up super evenly, from the base to tip so even in long, heavy extensions we had zero drama. Sarah [Potempa, creater of The Beachwaver] has really done her girlfriends a service by developing such an easy to use tool.”

Victoria's Secret 2015 Beachwaver

After Selena Gomez performed “Me and My Girls,” Lily Aldridge emerged during the finale wearing the $2 Million Fantasy Bra.

Victoria's Secret 2015 Beachwaver

Sarah Potempa breaks down creating the perfect Victoria’s Secret beachwave below…


  1. “Start by bringing all your hair forward to the left and right. Section by sectioning your hair horizantally from the bottom and clipping the rest up with a darby clip.
  2. To curl your hair with the Beachwaver™ S1, take a 1” section and clamp your hair near the bottom. NOTE: The key to the VS look is leaving 1.5” of the ends out of the clamp to create a looser, straighter end to the wave.  Then press the arrow pointing away from your face to start the rotation of the Beachwaver™ S1 and release the arrow to stop the rotation.  You control the rotation and this curling iron does all the work for you!
  3.  Continue all the way up one side before moving to the other side.
  4. Allow all the curls to cool and then brush them all out using the On Set Styling Brush and a flexible hairspray. Run your fingers through the waves for the perfect, sexy Victoria’s Secret inspired look!”

Victoria's Secret 2015 Beachwaver

On the inspiration for her iron, Sarah tells us “after years of celebrity “get the looks” and hair “how-tos,”  I realized there were so many women that had a hard time doing their own hair! A beauty editor was interviewing me and after I described how to curl your own hair by “holding the iron upside down and wrapping the hair backwards,” she said I wish I didn’t have to write upside down and backwards. I got off the phone with her and sketched out an idea for a curling iron that would create the same pattern, but you could hold it upright while curling your own hair. Then after a couple years of research and development (and my sister quitting her job as a corporate lawyer to join me), the Beachwaver™ was born.”

Victoria's Secret 2015 Beachwaver


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