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VIOLET GREY’S Beauty Director Shares 6 Hair Tips She Swears By

As the Beauty Director for the industry’s edit on all things beauty–VIOLET GREY’S Jayme Cyk has access top notch artists and thousands of brands vying for The Violet Code stamp of approval. In addition to having a totally enviable mane–which she isn’t afraid to perm, bang or chop–Jayme plays a key role in selecting which products make it in the uber-curated selection at VIOLET GREY. Curious on how she keeps her cool, undone California waves looking fab, we tapped Jayme for the hair tips and products she swears by to keep her mane game in pristine shape. Take note, write them down, thank her later–and don’t forget to give her a follow @jaycyk for more expert tips in her #LetMeAskJayme Instagram series where she answers all of your burning beauty questions.

Beauty Director Jayme Cyk Violet Grey

(via Jayme Cyk)

1.Invest in a Microfiber Hair Towel

The Aquis Hair Turban is your best friend. No matter your hair texture, condition, or length this incredibly absorbent towel soaks up your wet strands and speeds up drying time. Pro tip: wear it to bed and wrap a silk pillowcase like Slip around the turban and wake up with the perfect waves. You’re welcome.

Aquis Hair Towel Violet Grey

(via Violet Grey)

2. Incorporate a Moisturizing Cream

One of my favorite Christophe Robin products is probably one of his most underrated. I started using the Christophe Robin Moisturizing Cream after my husband asked for his second tube. His curly long locks are incredibly enviable thanks to this hydrating, frizz combatting formula. Plus it defines curls, zsushes straight strands, and adds some oomph to wavy hair. 

Christophe Robin Moisturizing Cream Violet Grey

(via Violet Grey)

3. Accessories That Impress

The VIOLET GREY way? Make sure your hair accessories double as a vanity-worthy object. The Yves Durif Brush, which is made out of a beautiful Italian ivory-hued resin, detangles wet or dry hair, stimulates circulation in the scalp, and distributes natural oils to strands. 


(via Violet Grey)

4. Hydrate Overnight With a Luxe Hair Oil

Every artist has this Leonor Greyl Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil in their kit and hairstylist Mara Roszak taught me the best application for using the Hollywood staple. If your hair is overly dry or chemically treated, applying this oil—mostly on the ends—repairs it significantly. But also sleeping with the oil on is a great way to let the product really soak in and moisturize.

Leonor Greyl Pre-Shampoo Treatment Oil

(via Violet Grey)

5. Experiment With Haircuts and Styles

Have you ever seen a photo of hair you want to emulate and you think about it for a week and can’t get that image out of your head? My hair has been long for 2.5 years and in that time, I’ve gotten bangs, had a perm, and recently my incredible hairstylist Leanne Citrone chopped off about 7 inches. Take the plunge. Plus, hair grows.


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6. Don’t Neglect the Scalp

Act + Acre Scalp Detox is a new and exclusive launch at VIOLET GREY. When the founder and hairstylist Helen Reavey came to show me her 3-piece line she explained that underlying scalp irritation can affect things like shine, volume, and bounce.  While I thought I had a perfectly healthy scalp, she proved me wrong when she scanned it and snapped a photo with a device she created. Let’s just say the Scalp Detox is whipping me into shape. 

Act + Acre Scalp Detox

(via Violet Grey)

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