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Will We Soon Be Doing Our Own Hair by Way of Virtual Appointments? Celebs Already Are

Salons across the globe have had to completely reinvent themselves due to COVID-19. But could in-person visits be replaced by virtual hair appointments? Is this the new normal we can expect to look forward to?

During the pandemic, salons were forced to close their doors. Many of us used this time to accept our grown-out roots, while others opted for the box dye.

Elizabeth Gillies

A few months into quarantine, some celebrities got crafty with their hair appointments. In late April, Dynasty star Elizabeth Gillies shared that she dyed her tresses darker with a little help from a FaceTime coloring appointment.

Miley Cyrus

Then in mid May, Miley Cyrus updated her mullet with an even choppier ‘do. Her stylist, Sally Hershberger, revealed she virtually coached Miley’s mom Tish through the haircut.

Jenna Fischer

A few days later, The Office star Jenna Fischer shared a snap of her husband being taught how to dye her hair through a FaceTime call with her colorist of over 20 years, Robert Hickland.

How Some Salons Went Virtual

These aren’t the only examples of hair appointments going virtual. In fact, many salons began offering virtual appointments and consultations the second the world shut down.

Stylists have been able to connect with their clients through FaceTime, Zoom, and YouTube. This allows clients to achieve their desired look from anywhere during anything—even a global pandemic.

In an interview with BBC, Chopp Hair owner Paul Phillips shared, “Most hairdressers say you should never colour your hair at home, and in normal times I’d agree.”

Not only has Paul been booking clients virtually left and right, he also has been dropping off hair products on their doorsteps. And he’s not the only one.

The founders of The Bird House in NYC worked quickly to create Quarantine Color Kits for clients once salons were shut down.

Cofounder and director Nicci Hubert told Allure, “It sounds silly, but one of my focuses for the salon is that hair care is wellness. Our hair contributes so much to how we feel, and I’ve been thinking about our clients going through this quarantine—not only stuck in their house, but possibly out of work, with kids at home, and maybe looking in the mirror to see a horrific roots situation.”

These are just two of the many examples of salons that pivoted to virtual appointments throughout the pandemic. There are others who have implemented online haircare systems of their own.

The Future of Virtual Hair Appointments

Now that coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, many salons eagerly opened their doors to clientele.

Things aren’t the way they used to be, however. Laura Rugetti of The Beauty Can experienced a COVID-19 scare mere weeks after reopening her salon.

“It’s a very different situation and a learning experience, but we are taking things very seriously here,” she told us. “There are no double bookings, everyone must remain six feet apart, and we require clients to wear masks at all time. Apart from that, we’re taking temperatures before people come in, sanitizing the stations thoroughly between clients, and making sure no two clients are in the same room at a time.”

Other salons across the country have experienced the same situation. With the rise in coronavirus cases, it is possible that another lockdown could be implemented. Plus, some individuals have decided to remain at home indefinitely.

With the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, virtual hair appointments may be the way to go for now. One question remains: Do you trust yourself to style your own hair? We’ll leave that up to you to figure out.

Think you’re the only one who’s hesitant to step foot in a salon? Think again. HERE is how seven NY women feel about going to a beauty salon during these times.

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