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I Tried Adir Abergel’s Virtue Labs Recovery Shampoo on My Damaged Strands

Maybe my hair had good karma coming, or the universe sensed the retrograde in my strands—whatever it is, my crispy ends and frizzy-all-over mane have made strides after just one lather of Virtue Labs Recovery Shampoo. With all the inventive products beauty brands are pumping out like foams and frizz sheets, shampoo reviews aren’t aplenty these days. But when I noticed Allure’s stamp of approval on the box of Virtue Labs products I recently received, I knew I had some shampooing to do, stat.

Since multiple months of air-drying my hair (I haven’t used a blow dryer or heat tool for almost a year—yay me), I’ve been relying on hair oils and masks to reverse the damage from my year-and-a-half run with beachy balayage. As someone who’s worked in beauty editorial for over three years, by know I know that damage reversal usually starts with a good shampoo and conditioner—when hair is wet and most prone to moisture absorption, and at the same time prone to breakage. 

My first impression: This smells so good. Is that vanilla? Wait, no—coconut. Mmm, lavish. Lavish too was the creamy consistency of the shampoo. I massaged a quarter-sized amount of the vacation-smelling stuff into my medium length hair, which was the right amount. My hair didn’t feel super soft or dry like it usually does after I rinsed, so I knew the real test would be what my hair looked like when it air dried. 

One hour after my shower, and my second, I’m-sold impression arrived: This shampoo deserves a beauty olympics gold medal. My hair—which usually dries frizzy and kinda crispy—felt soft to the touch and looked less frizzy all over. According to the product description, main ingredient Alpha Keratin 60ku is identical to the keratin in your hair, skin, and nails which is why its healing properties are unrivaled. The shampoo also imbued my hair with healthy shine. The trio of too-good-to-be-true effects lasted for three days, or until my next wash. After just one use, consider my hair recovered and this shampoo seriously Mane Addicts-approved. 

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