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Scalp Exfoliation Is the Key to Hair Renewal–Adir Abergel on Virtue’s New Conditioning Scalp Exfoliant

It’s no secret that scalp haircare is taking over right now–just look at Sunday Riley, Drunk Elephant, and Kristen Ess who’ve all gotten in on the action. Virtue, one of our favorite hair brands out there, is hot on the scene too, newly launching a line of scalp care products that balance and nourish .

It seems fitting as 2020 as been the year of the scalp and, rightfully so. This part of our head has recently received a lot of attention because it is at the root of hair. It’s a complex ecosystem of oil, natural flora, skin, and hair that needs to be taken care of properly.

We may unknowingly be disturbing this delicate balance with our brushing, probing, and use of harsh products. Adir Abergel, Creative Director of Virtue gives us the 411 on why this scalp line is so important.

Virtue scalp and hair
(via Virtue)

Mane Addicts: Why was a scalp addition important for the Virtue repertoire?

Adir Abergel: In support of the Virtue® line of hair care products, we leaned into the most beneficial formulas to optimize scalp health for the launch of this new line. We know exfoliation is key for renewal, and that balancing is important for a healthy foundation.

Your hair and scalp have different needs.  A healthy scalp is the foundation for beautiful, healthy hair. It starts with clean follicles, free and unclogged of excess sebum and dead skin. A clogged follicle overtime may even cease to grow hair at all. Maintaining this healthy ecosystem will allow your follicles to grow the strong, shiny, hair of your dreams.

I believe we have spent a lot time on skincare with scrubs and exfoliators, but it is equally as important to treat the scalp the same. I believe when you have a healthy scalp you will achieve your most beautiful hair. 

(via Virtue)

MA: What is your favorite product in the Virtue Scalp Line?

AA: My favorite product in the Virtue Scalp Line is the Virtue® Exfoliating Scalp Treatment. I love that it is a beautiful rich conditioning exfoliant, unlike anything I have seen in the market. A lot of other brands use salt and sugars that dehydrate in my opinion. This is a conditioning base with Rice beads and fruit enzymes along with Salicylic acids that provide dual-action exfoliation and will not strip the hair’s moisture level.  They work similar to AHAs, providing gentle exfoliation to unclog pores and optimize follicles.

(via Virtue)

MA: How can Virtue Scalp Line be incorporated into someone’s everyday routine? 

AA: Think of our treating your hair with Virtue Scalp line as you would think of treating your skin. In order for you to have youthful, vibrant skin, it’s essential to start with an exfoliant, and follow with a skincare regimen. Your scalp is essentially the skin on your head! To achieve the best possible results, you have to start with a scalp that’s well maintained. Then, once a week use the Virtue® Exfoliating Scalp Treatment. One of the key points of difference is our scrub has incredible conditioning benefits. I like to shampoo and conditioner as normal but depending on hair texture you may not need your regular conditioner. Once a week exfoliate the scalp with our gentle scrub to remove buildup and create cell turnover.  At nighttime apply our vitamin boosting Virtue® Topical Scalp Supplement™ to nourish scalp cells and follicles while you sleep.

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