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I Tried Vitamin Shots for Hair Growth

Is there anything vitamins can’t do? You’ve heard of IV vitamin drips as the ultimate cure-all for everything from a hangover to jetlag and dehydration, but what about vitamin shots applied directly to your scalp? Well, it turns out, when injected locally at the hair follicle, vitamin shots can actually aid in hair regrowth. I tried it and I can officially say that I’m a vitamin shot convert. Here’s what you need to know and how it can help you (and your mane).

Try Vitamin Shots Before PRP

After I received a negligent color service almost 10 months ago, that has caused my hair to shed profusely from the root ever since, I’ve done everything in my power to reverse this damage. I’ve tried vitamins, scalp treatments, cortisol shots, random oils, and switched up my wash routine, but nothing has made the shed totally stop.

To find out if there was something more that could be done, I visited Dr. Firshein of The Firshein Center for Integrative Medicine, who assured me that he would fix this. Dr. Firshein recommends his vitamin shot treatment before trying PRP, the much-publicized “Kardashian facial” that also works wonders in hair regrowth. In PRP, platelets extracted from your blood recruit and stimulate stem cells. This treatment works particularly well after a traumatic injury to the scalp, such as a chemical treatment gone awry.

(The vitamin shot vials)

Reversing Damage Internally

“The scalp is made up of thousands of hair follicles,” Dr. Firshein explains, adding that each hair follicle has its own blood supply, carried through capillaries, as well as its own nerve supply. “When there’s an injury, particularly through damage caused by a hair dye or chemical process, it can cause a problem with the follicle,” he explains, adding that each follicle possesses stem cells, which can go into a dormant phase after they have been injured.

By injecting the scalp with a vitamin cocktail, Dr. Firshein is trying to stimulate these stem cells and trigger the hair to regrowth. “When the hair starts falling out, part of what happens is this dormancy,” he explains, noting that the vitamin injections should help correct this. 

Dr. Firshein applies the vitamin shot (which is made up of primarily B vitamins) throughout the scalp. He uses a total of four vials, dividing them into two sections per area. Although no one is team needle, Dr. Firshein numbs my head with lidocaine, so that all I feel is a slight pinch as he works his magic. 

(Dr. Firshein injects the vitamin shots into the scalp)

Your Best Shot

“Over the next couple of days, you should notice that the hair will fall out less and less,” he assures me after the treatment, which takes no more than five minutes, is complete. To keep track of hair fall, Dr. Firshein recommends keeping an eye on how much hair comes out during a shower, noting that normal approximately 100 strands are considered normal. In addition to the injections, Dr. Firshein recommends supplements. “I really like biotin and silica,” he says, also sending me home with a horsetail vitamin. 

Generally, the shots are given once a month for three months, though he’s had patients that have seen a total improvement after just one series. The B vitamins that are injected are also absorbed by the body, which may help with health overall, though their biggest benefit is felt locally, at the hair follicle.

After my first round of treatments, I already feel a difference. I recommend vitamin shots for anyone who is dealing with hair loss and finds that supplements alone aren’t working, or if you want to bounce back from a chemical treatment stat.

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