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7 Vitamins and Minerals Essential for Hair Health

If there’s one thing every Mane Addict should know, it’s the importance of what goes into our body as it reflects what shows out. A diet deficient in vitamins and minerals or high in stress can wreak havoc on our hair strands causing breakage, hair loss, premature greying and a dull appearance. For those of us lusting after long, thick, shiny strands, we’ve rounded up all the vitamins and minerals you can take to combat damage due to stress, environmental factors, poor diet, and vitamin deficiencies, making sure your manes have everything they need to reach their  jaw dropping potential. Just make sure when buying vitamins and supplements, quality does matter. We suggest something raw and organic when possible as it is easily absorbed into our systems and causes less stress on the liver to break down. So take a look below, get your glass of water ready, and get ready to swallow these pills for the sake of your lock’s luster. Add these vitamins and minerals to your diet.

1. Folic Acid

Ever hear a woman on pre-natal vitamins swear her hair grows thick and full? Well it’s the folic acid in prenatal vitamins that does wonders for the hair. Folic acid is a synthetic B vitamin that encourages cell renewal essential for hair growth. A deficiency in folic acid can cause premature hair loss and graying of the strands. In addition to aiding in hair health and growth, folic acid can help skin and increase energy.

We recommend: 

2. Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid contains strong detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent androgenetic alopecia (a strong form of hair loss). In addition it improves nutrient absorption and claims to help deliver keratin to the hair, making individual strands stronger. We’ve talked about fulvic acid before, as it’s the new secret beauty product for celebs and supermodels, and if they swear by it, something’s gotta be right.


3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E increases the growth of capillaries, which increases blood circulation and promotes the healthy growth of hair. In addition, the antioxidants in Vitamin E slow down the aging process increasing the likelihood of lustrous, shiny locks.

We recommend:

4. Omega Oils

Omega oils are essential fatty acids that our bodies do not produce naturally. Having omegas in the diet not only increases hair elasticity, improves dry/flaky scalp, and stimulates hair growth, but it also improves brain function and nourishes the skin. Just make sure to get a quality supplement as lower quality ones can contain mercury and leave a funny after taste.Add omega oils to your diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

We recommend:

5. Probiotics

Probiotics are a healthy form of bacteria that can directly combat the effects of stress. Stress can cause our bodies to function inefficiently, including depriving our scalp and hair follicles of necessary nutrients. This can cause a variety of hair woes, including weakness, hair loss, and dull appearance. Probiotics work to create balance in the body, making out digestive track work more efficiently and ensuring the proper nutrients are delivered throughout our system. Our favorite form of probiotics? Full fat greek yogurt or a bubbly glass of kombucha!

We recommend:

6. MSM

MSM is a form of naturally occurring sulfur found in many foods. However, conventional processing and cooking methods significantly reduce its effectiveness, which is why it is necessary to supplement. Sulfur is required for healthy collagen and keratin production in the body. Each hair strand has a growth cycle before the strand sheds and MSM helps to increase the cycle, creating strands that are longer and stronger.

We recommend:

  • Hairfinity Dietary Supplement (not only does it contain MSM, but also has hair healthy biotin, vitamins A, C, D, B, and essential amino acids. Plus it’s the vitamin the swoon worthy hair of the Kardashian family swears by).

7. Biotin

The most common “hair growth vitamin,” biotin is an essential water soluble B vitamin responsible for carbon dioxide transfer and the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat. It protects against breakage, promotes healthy hair growth and increases hair elasticity. It also helps your body to process and absorb other vitamins and nutrients more efficiently.

We recommend:

Other Supplements We Love:

While not everyone wants to take a handful of seven different supplements every morning and evening, we’ve rounded up the best of the best multi purpose vitamins that contain a variety of the above combined into one. Add these supplements to your vitamins and minerals.


Made with marine complex to nourish thinning hair, along with zinc, vitamin C, and horsetail extract. This supplement makes hair grow faster and more effectively than anything on the market and is the secret ingredient to celeb worthy hair.


Contains a blend of vitamins A, B, C, D, Niacin, Folic Acid, and Zinc, all essential for healthy hair growth, strength, and elasticity. In addition it promotes youthful looking skin and strong nails.


“formulated with hair specific nutrients to nourish your hair from the INSIDE OUT and promote faster growing, longer, thicker, stronger hair, and more vibrant hair.” Plus, like we mentioned above, this multi vitamin contains biotin, MSM, B vitamins, vitamin A, C, D, and E as well as silica and hydrolyzed collagen.

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