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WHAT TO BUY: Viviscal Professional


Do you feel confined to your hair extensions? Like you will never have the hair of your dreams unless it it someone else’s? Say goodbye to weak, brittle strands and hello to Viviscal Professional! Viviscal Professional is one of our favorite clinically proven hair supplements and is 100% drug free!

A celebrity favorite and highly recommended by salon stylists, Viviscal Professional has ben featured on VanityFair.com, Refinery29.com, TheHollywoodReporter.com, and Vogue.com with stunning reviews.

Alan J. Bauman, a board certified hair restoration physician at Bauman Medical Group says that “’in patients who take both [Viviscal Professional and Biotin] supplements twice a day, I’ve seen hair grow in fuller, stronger and healthier looking….’”

Perfect for those of us with hair prone to shedding and breakage due to heat styling, coloring, extensions and over styling or hair that just doesn’t grow past a certain length, Viviscal is the hair supplement with the fastest most dramatic results. In a clinical trial, 80% of Viviscal users saw a statistically significant increase in the number of hairs after 6 months.

Formulated with the exclusive and clinically proven marine complex AminoMar®, which helps nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth from within, Viviscal Professional is a favorite in our office and nearly all our staff swear by it.

“To improve hair from the inside-out, A-listers turn to Viviscal [Professional] dietary supplements, which contain a marine complex to speed hair growth. Gisele, Gwyneth – they’ve all used it,’ says New York Celeb stylist Harry Josh to Harper’s Bazaar.

Even Karlie Kloss admits to InStyle, “I take fish oil and dietary supplement called Viviscal [Professional]. It’s all natural and very nourishing.”

Learn more and buy your own at  www.viviscalprofessional.com

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