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MANESPIRATION: MTV Video Music Awards 2015

VMAS The 2015 VMA Awards on Sunday night were full of dramatic red carpet moments, incredible music performances, and of course, breathtakingly beautiful manes! In case you missed a moment, we rounded up the top hairstyles of the night that you need to see! Scroll below to see who made our best tressed list…   CIARA ciara sleek bob vmas Ciara’s perfectly sleek bob by Mane Master Cesar Ramirez was edgy and powerful when paired with her modern tribal dress.   GIGI HADID

Gigi Hadid VMAS

Gigi’s bombshell mane is slicked back and teased to perfection courtesy of Mane Master Jennifer Yepez in this 70’s-inspired hairstyle. Love her look? Here’s how to steal her style at home!   VANESSA HUDGEONS vanessa hudgens boho waves vmas The queen of boho waves looked effortlessly gorgeous and in her element with this signature style. Vanessa’s braided halo was complete with a tiny flower detail which made for such a feminine magical look!   KAT GRAHAM kat graham vmas The stunning actress rocked a retro hairstyle that was the perfect combination of soft yet sultry!   SELENA GOMEZ selena gomez glam curls vmas Selena nails the perfect red carpet hairstyle with glam, voluminous curls. She completes the look with a sexy all-black floor length ensemble that exudes drama.   HOLLAND RODEN holland roden vmas Mane Muse Holland Roden shows off her fiery copper color with a simple and classic, sophisticated hairstyle.   KYLIE JENNER kylie jenner vmas microbang When it comes to her mane, Kylie can’t be tamed! After her wonderful wiggy shoot with Mane Master Clyde Haygood, we love their take on the microbang for this bold, vampy look!   MILEY CYRUS miley cyrus vmas When it comes to award shows, you can always count on Miley to deliver fearless fashion and make a statement with her look. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny her platinum dreadlocks ponytail by Gregory Russell and this eccentric futuristic outfit make quite a statement.   DEMI LOVATO Demi Lovato VMAS   Bobs were certainly the theme of the not (and we can’t blame them in this hot LA weather!), but Demi Lovato shows us exactly how to stay cool for the summer with her slicked back tresses by Clyde Haygood.   FKA TWIGS FKA Twigs VMAS   Christian Wood gave FKA Twigs a welcomed  change from her signature braids and pony with a beautiful old Hollywood coiled bob.   TORI KELLY

Tori Kelly vmas

Tori Kelly rocks her signature curls and lust worthy hair flip by Nikki Providence.

  TAYLOR SWIFT AND HER BAD BLOOD GIRL GANG taylor swift vmas You can’t deny Taylor’s been on a roll lately. Between her manespirational music video for Bad Blood, to her sold out tour, this polished, sleek pony is the ultimate power move. With a shocking speech from Kanye West and a high fashion crew of badass models in tow, Taylor was undisputedly the star of the show Sunday night. taylor swift bad blood vmas Taylor Swift’s girl gang, Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, Hailee Steinfeld, Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Serayah, Mariska Hargitay, Lily Aldridge and Karlie Kloss are one hell of a gorgeous crew!  

Do you have a favorite Mane Moment from the VMA’s?? Sound off in the comments below!


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