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As another VMA’s show has come and gone, a plethora of new hair envy ensues. From the Kardashians’ to Taylor Swift’s squad, we were all inundated with new inspiration for our mane.

Kylie Jenner Bangs

One trend that stood out was the return of mod bangs. As fashion lines have started to show off hints of the retro 70’s, the hair world has followed suit bringing back that 60’s flair. Kylie Jenner donned a perfectly sculpted and shiny midnight mane, donning blunt bangs right above the eyebrow line.

Nicki Minaj Bangs

Nicki Minaj also sported this look with her raven hued tresses, which were slicked straight to the ends. The look was clean and simple, with a flair of confidence and edge.


This style is easy to accomplish even if you don’t dare to actually snip your locks into such defined bangs. A great option to try is a faux bang clip-in piece, (much like Kylie’s) that we recommend for a temporary fix.



Think you’ll try this trend at home? Tag @maneaddicts to let us know what you think!

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