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Volume Hacks for Every Hair Problem, Courtesy of Jen Atkin’s Hair Assistants

Though the glass hair trend—the sleek, straight and glossy look—continues to gain popularity, volume and body are classic add-ons to any hairstyle. While creating volume might prove more challenging than simply straightening your hair to achieve glass-like shine, the key to long-lasting volume is tailoring it to your hairstyle and hair type. Here to share their volume hacks for every hair problem are Jen Atkin’s trusty hair assistants Amanda Lee and Irinel de León. Keep reading as they spill the volume hair hacks everyone should know.


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At the Crown Without Disrupting Curls

I like to prep damp hair with OUAI Volume Spray at the root. If you have fine hair, blow dry upside down for added body; for thicker hair, use a round brush from Ibiza and blow dry in opposite direction. When curling, wrap the hair around the barrel, with some tension on the root in the direction you want the volume to come from. That way, when the hair cools, you’ll have extra body. 

On Greasy Roots

Dry shampoo will be your BFF. Use it at the roots, for added body and oil absorption. I even love using it on freshly styled hair for an added lift. The OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam is magical and foolproof. 

In a Half-Up Hairstyle 

The key for a voluminous half up, is back combing the top pony but then brushing the surface with a flat brush like Mason Pearson to conceal the teasing. If you’re not down with the price commitment of a Mason then Sonia Kashuk has a very similar version. After brushing, spray with a texturizing spray at the roots to finish. Balmain carries the Texturizing Volume Spray in an aerosol bottle that works wonders.  

When You Have in Hair Extensions

Setting the crown of the head in large pin curls and letting it cool down will be a game changer. Try also spray the roots with the OUAI Volumizing Hair Spray for added lift at the roots.

All-Over Volume

Setting your hair in velcro rollers isn’t just for your grandma. Prep damp roots with OUAI Volume Spray and use a round brush to blow dry and direct heat in the opposite direction, then set the hair with rollers all throughout and let cool down. 

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