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6 Reversible Ways to Experiment With Your Hair

We all get the itch to update our hair from time to time, but there are instances in which we aren’t quite ready to do something drastic. When that happens, we recommend experimenting with your strands through some reversible methods. Below, we share six ways to change your hair without commitment. Keep scrolling to find the one that works for you!

1. Wear it air-dried.

If you have no clue what your locks look like au naturel, you’re not alone. Fresh from the shower, we’re busting out the blow dryer, throwing our hair in a bun, or doing something else to “do” our hair.

That’s why now’s the perfect time to give your hair a break. No need for hot tools or tugging at the strands. Let those locks roam free and air-dried. For all you know, you may like the effortless outcome and could quite possibly find yourself a new look for later. Not to mention, it’s one of the easiest ways to change your hair without commitment.

2. Follow an intense updo tutorial.

We’ve all wanted to master those ridiculously over-the-top updos, even if we’d only wear one to a wedding or other black-tie affair. So, why not take some time out of your schedule to follow a tutorial? Even if it doesn’t turn out great, at least you gave it a go. And that’s really all that matters. Hair is meant to be fun anyway.

3. Play with temporary hair colors.

In the words of your colorist, “Do not dye your hair out of a box!” But there’s absolutely zero harm in playing around with temporary color. In fact, just writing that out makes it sound kind of fun.

You could host a virtual temporary hair dye party via Zoom, and have you and your pals all reveal their new looks. This is your chance to go for something wild that you’ve always wanted to try.

4. Try clip-ins or extensions.

If you’re feeling like you want to try bangs, but don’t want to commit, clip-ins are your best bet. And if you’re tired of your short hair and want to go longer, you can give extensions a try. There are also a number of colorful extensions available that give you the perfect pop of color without even having to experiment with temporary dye. Simply clip them in and you’re good to go. Yes, it really is that simple.

5. Attempt to give your hair salon-level waves.

Learning how to mimic your hairdresser’s magical wave abilities takes massive time and patience—typically somethings none of us have. The present is another story. We have more time and willingness than ever to watch a YT tutorial, check out how-to videos posted by curling iron companies, or even follow our own step-by-step guide to mastering the salon-level curl.

6. Follow a blowout tutorial on YouTube or IG.

Welp! We saved the most challenging portion of this list for last. Successful at-home blowouts—the ones that make you look fresh from Drybar—are few and far between. Mind you, this is much different from the curls mentioned above. This is you mastering the use of a brush and a blow drier, and depending on how much hair you have, it can be massively time-consuming and tough. Still, it’s an easy, non-permanent way to play with your hair.

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