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5 Easy Hair Changes That Make a Big Difference in Your Look

When we engage in good hair habits—like monthly trims, weekly deep conditioning treatments, and daily supplement popping—we get good hair back. But other times, our habits have the opposite effect. Case in point: Wearing your hair the same way every. damn. day. We might be creatures of habit but the same ol’ look on repeat just makes for lots of yawning. If your locks are stuck in a rut and need a refresher, try these five ways to change your hair without cutting or dyeing it below.

1. Switch your part.

Want to wear a deep side part for all of eternity? Do you. All we’re saying is that an easy way to change your hair is by switching to the other side. Or, if you want more bang for your side part buck, sample a sleek center part. Don’t forget, the key to any perfect part is a fine-tooth comb.

2. Pull it back.

Hair worn down can have a slimming effect on the face. Still, there’s no reason to shy away from pushing back your strands for a bold look that showcases your facial features. Reach for a paddle brush, teasing comb, and texturizing spray to get going. And learn which updo suits your face shape best here.

3. Accessorize.

It’s all in the details. Do your ‘do a fierce favor and find cute accessories to sprinkle it with for an easy way to change your hair. Whether you stick with a claw clip or bedazzled bobby pins, the possibilities are endless.

4. Own your natural texture.

If you got it, flaunt it. And by it, we mean texture of all varieties. When you fancy a departure from your signature style, take your mane back to its natural habitat and enhance its natural texture. For curly queens, click here for our top curl enhancer picks.

5. Tuck it behind the ear.

Our favorite easy hair change is the ear tuck. Why? Because it literally requires no effort. Zip, zilch, zero. Treating your tresses to an ear tuck also has two advantages. One, your jawline becomes more pronounced. Two, your IG-worthy ear bling gets the attention it deserves.

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