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3 Ways to Transform Protective Styles

After a while, it’s easy to become bored with your braids and twists. Luckily, there are ways to revamp your look without having to make another salon appointment. Protective hairstyles don’t last very long and you have to wait at least a month before installing a new look. Instead of feeling stuck in one style, you can transform it into something totally different. Scroll below for three easy ways to transform your protective styles!

Blunt Chop

A blunt chop paired with braids is a great way to add volume and boldness to your look. Even better, it makes the take-down process go way faster because your braids are already loosened because of the chop.

To create this look, take some hair shears and chop to your desired length. Untwist a few inches of the ends for full effect. This look can last for a few days before you take it down.

Faux Locs

Having your protective hairstyle professionally installed can be a bit pricey. Get more bang for your buck by transforming an old hairdo into faux locs. Because your original style is already worn, your locs will be flexible and look more natural.

If you have about a month left of wearing a protective hairstyle, grab some Marley hair and wrap each braid to create a loc. Fully wrap the entire braid down the shaft before knotting and sealing the ends.

Crimped Curls

Braids or twists have gone frizzy? No worries! Just undo the style to reveal gorgeous, defined, crimped curls. Starting from the ends, unbraid or untwist your style until a few inches above mid-shaft. You don’t want to unbraid too far up because you need to keep the style secure. Much like the blunt chop transformation, this revamp is best done in the last week of your protective style. 

While we’re on the topic, HERE are the best hair care products to use for protective styles!

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