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Fresh Ways to Update Your Summer Color for Fall, According to 3 LA Colorists

We know it may not feel like it, but autumn is right around the corner. That means it’s time to update your summer strands for the new season. We reached out to a few of our favorite LA colorists to discover the best ways to update your summer color for fall.

Cassondra Kaeding, Matt Rez, and Nina Kairouz all weighed in on the best ways to transition your summer color to fall. Trust us, you’re going to want to take their advice. Keep scrolling to discover what they had to say!

Add Some Lowlights

Matt Rez mentions that lowlights are an easy way to transition your summer color to fall.

“I recommend adding lowlights for depth and possibly warmth to transition into fall colors and tones,” he says. “Lowlights will stretch the base color throughout the lengths to add more vertical dimension and break up existing color so new growth in the future is not so demarcated.”

Ask for a Gloss

Cassondra Kaeding notes that fall is a time to go darker, which usually means a tonal change. Asking for a gloss is an easy way to make the transition from lighter to darker.

“Fall colors usually are a tonal change,” she says. “This means trying a tone that may be different than the tone clients have had during summer. You can add warmth, cooler tones, and also even go a bit deeper. This all can be done by asking for a gloss. Glosses are semi-permanent colors that can last two to four weeks. Glosses are great because you can try something a little different without making a big commitment.”

Embrace a Softer Melt

Nina Kairouz is all about the softer melt for fall.

“Clients need color to last for all the obvious reasons,” she shares. “So now clients who came in every two months want to extend to three to four months and I back that up 100%. That means colors and highlight styles that aren’t necessarily ombré, but that have a softer melt at the top of the scalp. For those clients who want to be bright, I add in a bright face frame with my signature poppers around the face while keeping the rest a soft melt with no harsh translations, so that the grow out stays seamless.”

Pick Rich Tones

Rich tones are a safer option because they’re relatively easy to keep up with.

“The wait times to see your colorists have gotten longer,” Kairouz shares. “As for safety, we can only really take one client at a time, so picking a color that requires a four to six-week touch-up sounds like added stress in an already stressful new age. So, pick all-over beautiful, rich tones that only require touch-ups when you feel like a pick-me-up.”

Give Your Hair a Break

Again, fall usually means darker colors are the ones clients opt for. Kaeding mentions you can take this time period to give your tresses a break from all the color maintenance.

“Fall is a great time to give your hair a break from all of the lightning services,” she states. “Summer is usually lighter and brighter. This fall, more clients are wanting a very low-maintenance color that doesn’t require much upkeep.”

Choose Something Low Maintenance

With the way this year is going, who knows how easy it will be to set continual appointments with your stylist? This is why Rez suggests choosing a look that is relatively low maintenance.

“With all the social distancing, such as spacing out clients throughout the day, it may take longer to get into the salon,” he notes. “So shadowed roots, sombre colors, and/or solid colors will have a comeback. Towards the end of last year and earlier this year before the shutdown, we were seeing a lot more ribbon-like and bold highlights going on. Now, with the current situation, clients need lower maintenance colors to stretch their appointments, as it’s taking a while longer to get into the salon.”

Reach out to Your Stylist for a Personalized Color Kit

Each expert strongly suggests opting out of the box dye. If you’d prefer not to go into the salon, reaching out to your stylist for a personalized at-home color kit could be the way to go.

“So many amazing colorists are offering at-home color and gloss kits,” Kairouz says. “This is a first for our industry and probably not going away for some time. In some ways, the efforts in which we’ve all been adapting to our new normal are pretty inventive and convenient. So, reach out to your favorite colorist and if they are offering at-home kits, have them formulate a shine gloss just for you.”

“I would recommend ordering a color kit from a colorist that is offering them,” Kaeding shares. “This is great because you have a professional formulating a color for you with professional hair color. Stay away from at-home box color.”

“I don’t recommend formulating color at home,” Rez notes. “I suggest asking your colorist for a professionally formulated gloss kit. This way you can talk through with them about your goals for fall color, in case you do not feel up to going to the salon quite yet.”

Leave Your Hair Alone

Kairouz recommends leaving your hair alone “if it looks good and it’s working.” Instead, she suggests you “invest in a good hydrating treatment” for maintenance.

“Less is really more these days,” she says.

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