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14 Pretty Ways to Put a Bow on It

Adding an accessory is one of the easiest ways to update your style, and is there any accessory more classic than a bow? Thankfully, our childhood favorite is all grown-up and ready to breathe new life into even our most everyday looks. Scroll below for our favorite hair bow hairstyles to wear all holidays season long!

All That Glitters

Don’t be afraid to play up contrasts and let your holiday sparkle shine through.

Use Your Own Hair

Go all in and make your strands the bow. Trust us, it’s easier than you think. This tutorial will also help.

For Bridal

Sometimes a subtle ribbon is all you need, even on your big day.

Thread It Through

A bow is an awesome finishing touch on an elaborate braid, especially when you incorporate the ribbon all the way through.

Best Western

Finish a three-strand braid with a bow and you have won the west.


Complement the bow on your holiday dress, your hair is the best accessory.

Sugar and Spice

A classic half-up, half-down anchors your braid in a nod to all things girly.

Velvet Ribbon

Tie a velvet ribbon around your pony for a dramatic, party-ready lift.

More Texture

Bows don’t have to be prim and proper. This is the hair bow equivalent of undone and textured.

Side Note

Push your style to the side for twist on the classic.

Bigger Is Better

Bigger is unexpected, and adds a degree of chic to any look.


Layer and zig-zag your bows to add insta-depth.

Wrap it Up

Weave your bow through an updo, keeping the look tousled.

Scarf Update

Turn any headscarf into your bow to wake up your style.

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