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We Want to See the Flow Haircut on Every Guy in 2022, Thank You

As far as men’s hair trends go, there often aren’t a ton of shakeups in that arena. Most men stick to what they know, especially when it comes to cut and color. But in 2022, we want every guy to test out the flow haircut. It’s a style that suits almost everyone and looks incredibly handsome on those who don it. Trust us, we wouldn’t be encouraging you to get the haircut if it weren’t true.

For those of you brave enough to try it, we reached out to master stylist Eli Mancha. The Bang Salon Chicago owner told us everything you’d need to know about the haircut, including what it is, how to achieve it, and the best places to find inspiration. Scroll below for all the deets!

What Is the Flow Haircut?

Often referred to as “hockey hair,” this haircut is all about showing off that gorgeous head of hair you’ve got. It tends to be medium or longer in length, though is often curly or wavy. Eli notes that “the flow haircut is a haircut utilizing the natural texture to create an effortless flow or style.”

And more and more people are striving to achieve this look these days. “I think this style has become so popular because it’s easy to maintain and utilizes the natural texture of each individual’s hair,” says Eli. “The look is lived-in to begin with so the grow-out looks more intentional and natural.”

How Do You Get the Cut?

Getting the haircut is relatively easy, though it does come down to the hair you’ve already got on the top of your head. “Having more hair density and slight bend or wave to the hair will make this shape more achievable,” says Eli. So if you happen to have thinning strands, this look may not work for you.

When it comes to cutting the hair just right, Eli notes that “you can achieve this haircut by cutting with the texture of each person’s natural waves and hair growth patterns using lots of point cutting or razoring to give it that lived-in look.” Be sure to tell your stylist this when you go in. Oh, and don’t forget the inspiration photos. “Always bring in pictures. They are, of course, worth 1000 words,” mentions Eli.

The Flow Haircut Inspiration

We’ve got a handful of inspiration images for you to choose from below. Again, this cut is a bit like a hockey haircut so seek inspiration there. Eli mentions that Bradley Cooper is also great to use as an example.

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