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NEED TO KNOW: Get Flawless Wedding Glam with White Rose Collective

On any given day, we’ll go to great lengths to get good hair, but if there ever were a time when nailing an immaculate mane mattered the most, it’d be the day of our “I Do’s”—duh. So what can a bride-to-be do to guarantee that her wedding day glam is on fleek? Familiarize herself with: White Rose Collective, a New York-based beauty agency founded by veteran editorial hairstylist, Teddi Cranford, where bridal hair and makeup means cookie-cutter is out and understated chic is in. Backed by a highly-skilled squad of stylists, WRC bridges the gap between the industry artists Cranford’s met over the years and makes them accessible to brides.

“Just because it’s your wedding day doesn’t mean you need to follow a fashion trend or look like a princess bride. I feel it’s truly best to look like the best version of you.” Does Cranford know what’s up or what? Come in, chill out, get gorgeous—WRC’s motto is sweeeeet music to any stressin’ bride’s ears.

white rose collective teddi cranford

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