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7 Wedding Guest Hairstyles for Every Type of Wedding

Being a wedding guest means you get to enjoy all the fun of someone’s big day with none of the pressure. While you always want to follow the dress code (garden party, black tie) there’s wiggle room when it comes to your mane—just no veils. Here are some fail-proof ideas for styling your crown during wedding season. Find the perfect wedding guest hair look for you below!

Relaxed Curly Fringe

How perfect is this style? From the wispy face-faming waves to the sweet high bun, this is a cheat code for being the most dazzling guest at the soirée.


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Sleek Straight

Rock a middle part and keep hair as sleek and straight as can be. No matter the theme, you can’t go wrong with this ‘do. If you need a little boost in the length department, we trust Luxy Hair for the best extensions.

Wet Braid

We love a good braid! Slick it back and go heavy on the gel to keep it on-trend with the wet look.


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Pump Up the Volume

Did you know that this year will have the most weddings since 1984? Pump up the volume and take it back to the decade with a whole lot of mouse and even more ‘tude.


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Go-to Updo

This chic and snatched up-do is also no frills and shines for any special occasion.

Ride the Wave

We see waves for days especially for a destination/beach wedding. We’re obsessed with Ceremonia Acai Style Refresher and Pequi Curl Activator.


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Hollywood Glam

Hollywood glam will travel from a wedding at the Bel Air Country Club to the private residence in the Hamptons. Level your tresses up like you’re attending an $80,000 event (no matter where you’re headed).


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Want even more wedding hairstyle inspiration, whether you’re a guest or the bride? HERE is how the Kardashians do weddings!

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