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A Visit to Rapunzel of Sweden

This fall, Mane Addicts had the pleasure of visiting the Rapunzel of Sweden headquarters in Umea, Sweden alongside celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin.  If you haven’t heard of Rapunzel of Sweden, you aren’t alone.  They haven’t quite reached the United States market yet (although please don’t hesitate to order online), but they do have a huge, rapidly growing following in Scandinavia.  We’ve been using Rapunzel hair extensions for quite some time now and couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of the hair, customer service, and overall presentation as a company.

We had a chance to talk with Rapunzel CEO, Ida about the origins of Rapunzel hair and her visions for the company.

Ida began wearing hair extensions at the age of 13.  For years she struggled to find hair extensions that were high in quality and matched her hair texture.  She experimented with brands and companies, until finally she decided to go out and find the hair herself.  At the age of 21, she started making her own hair extensions in her garage for herself and her friends.  Pretty soon, word spread, and more and more people were being referred to her for high quality extensions.  In just 7 years, her company has grown into a complete operation in Umea, Sweden.

They now carry synthetic and human hair extensions, wigs, heat styling tools, and haircare products.  The headquarters is now a beautiful operation overlooking a river and forest wildlife in Umea.  Just visiting made us want to stay all day and just gaze at the scenery (we were there for the first snowfall of the season).

Downstairs, they also have a small salon where they offer cuts and color services in addition to hair extensions and education for their top stylists around the globe.

To follow along on their tall tail journey follow @RAPUNZELOFSWEDEN on Instagram!

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