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Wesley O’Meara Gives Us a Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Wesley O’Meara is one of New York’s top stylists, starting his career in the industry as a model PR and photo agent. He soon discovered his knack for hair and has been a sought after editorial hair stylist since. After assisting for some of the bests in the business (including the famed Guido Palau), he now counts Alexa Chung, Kate Upton, and Sarah Jessica Parker as some of his clients [to name a few].  We had a chance to chat with Wesley, find out his favorite products, and even got his tips on achieving a-list worthy hair on your own.

How did you get your start in the industry?

I’ve sort of been in the industry for a long time. I’ve had stints working in fashion PR, model agent, and photo agent. I KNEW I belonged in the fashion industry and tried all of these fields without any success. I knew what I was missing, and that was being creative.  After a lot of searching I thought back on how I wanted to do hair for most, if not all of my childhood. I then had an epiphany and realized I could do hair for fashion. Once I made that step I never looked back and here I am today!

What are some of your biggest challenges?

I can count on one hand how many times I’ve assisted. So, grasping things technically has really been a lot of trial and error. Earlier in my career there were a lot of styles I wasn’t able to deliver. I’ve figured most of it out at this point, if not all, but I will probably always second guess myself as a result. Letting passion guide my way has worked in my favor thus far.

What products or tools are always in your kit?

I can’t live without Balmain’s Texturizing Spray!!! Surprisingly, the price point is great, considering the namesake, and there is a fair amount in the bottle (which I also love).  El Net is any session stylist’s go to hair spray, and AG hair has this AMAZING spray called High & Dry that gives the hair instant volume and texture.  My new favorite tool is really unconventional… CHOPSTICKS! I use them like you would use chopsticks while eating sushi!  Handling the hair too much on set can add unwanted oils from your fingers that can end up weighing styles that you need to last all day down.  Not to mention, I can be extremely precise with these things!

Who are some of your role models or influences?

NYC night life really influences me. You really get to see what the kids these days are working on. I think that they are always so progressive and really push the envelope. I like taking their looks and breaking them down and adding my touch. So I guess NYC youth are some of my greatest role models.

What advice would you give yourself ten years ago?

ASSIST ASSIST ASSIST.  Learn as much as you can!  Don’t be in such a hurry, you’re here to stay and first impressions are lasting impressions.

Tell us about your beauty and hair philosophy.

Effortless. There is something so beautiful about an effortless look, beauty wise.  It really gives a women the opportunity to go out there with their clothes and accessories.  Lauren Santo Domingo is the perfect example of this.  For most of her Red Carpet appearances she may have some lipstick and mascara, but her hair is always air dried (I helped teach her some easy steps to achieve a really great finished look while air drying), and she nails it every time.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve really achieved my goal if we worked an hour to get the perfect “I’ve done nothing” look, if that isn’t blasphemy.

Portrait by Taea Thale

Be sure to follow Wesley on Instagram for an inside peek into the mind of a #manemaster.

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