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Editorial Hairstylist Wesley O’Meara’s 7 Favorite Products

Wesley O’Meara is one of our favorite editorial stylists. His work carries a certain quality that is part perfection and part imperfection, creating beautiful works of art. We can’t help but be amazed by what he comes up with, which is why we asked him to give us a glimpse into what it takes to try our hands at hairstyling at home. Below, Wesley dishes on his favorite products and why he loves them.

1. Avene Eue Thermale Spring Water: This product sprays water in the finest most delicate mist ever and it is super chic! I use this as an alternative to a spray bottle to prep the hair. I’m clumsy and have been guilty of spraying a client in the face a time or two and this eliminates that. Also, it preps the hair perfectly without saturating. I don’t have the extra 20-30 minutes to do a full blow out on set.

2. AG High and Dry: This product gives hair AMAZING hold and texture.

3. Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray: This is really dry oil that sprays in really light mist. I use this for “wet looks” that keep the hair looking slick all day without having to reapply too often. It is also great to spray liberally over hair you’ve set in a beach wave because it doesn’t cause a curl to fall much. It’s really my new favorite trick!

4. Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray: I can’t live without Balmain’s Texturizing Spray!!! Surprisingly, the price point is great, considering the namesake, and there is a fair amount in the bottle (which I also love).

5. Chopsticks: My favorite tool is really unconvential…CHOPSTICKS! I use them like you would use chopsticks while eating sushi!  Handling the hair too much on set can add unwanted oils from your fingers that can end up weighing styles that you need to last all day down.  Not to mention, I can be extremely precise with these things!

6. Tangle Teaser: THIS THING REALLY WORKS! I love using it to brush out hair that has been damaged due to over styling/coloring. It’s great.

7. Viviscal Hair Fibers: This is great for clients with fine hair. It adheres to the hair to make the hair appear thicker! After you add extensions to fine hair, often times you end up with thick beautiful hair on the ends, but the crown is still left looking a bit limp.

Have you tried one of these products at home?  Let us know what you think of them in the comments!

And be sure to follow Wesley O’Meara on Instagram for more #manespiration.



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