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What it Actually Feels Like to get a Cut by a Celebrity Hairstylist

They say Hollywood is a land where dreams come true. That was certainly the case for me when one of my hair dreams recently became a reality. Ever since I landed in Lala land a few years ago, I had been an admirer of Mark Townsend’s work.

To say Mark Townsend is talented is an understatement. He’s the genius behind some of the most epic waves you’eve ever seen on the red carpet. Mary Kate and Ashley? Yep. Dakota Johnson rocking loose waves and an epic Brandon Maxwell number? That too. You can imagine my excitement when I heard he was in LA taking appointments. I booked a slot for a haircut and what came next is just short of The Princess Diaries.

After our introduction, Mark Townsend got to business. He asked me about my hair history and what styles I tend to gravitate towards. I explained my woes and he dutifully listened. My hair has always been thin and flat, so long styles were out of the question. We decided on going short, but nothing too drastic that I could later regret. He motioned to my collarbone and we landed on that length.

After a quick shampoo, we were off to the races. Mark Townsend went to town (no pun intended) on my locks and gave me a beautiful, choppy lob. After the cut, he started styling my typically volume-less hair. Mark humored me by expertly answering every hair question and giving me styling tips for my type of hair along the way. It felt like a therapy and salon session rolled into one.

The first step after the cut was applying Dove’s Style & Care Volume & Fullness Mousse ($4.88) to my wet mane before a rough blow-dry. He used a hot wand to give me loose waves and added a magical product that I swear changed everything for me that day, Dove’s Between Washes Foam Dry Shampoo ($4.89). He explained that he uses this technique with his clients (gasp! His clients?! How did this mere mortal deserve this!). Mark Townsend applied the wet formula on his fingertips and rubbed it until it became a fine powder. He then puts his hand in a position parallel to your cheeks and “pokes” at your roots in an upward motion. This created a volume I had never experienced before.

Mark Townsend also dished about his signature red carpet look and you better believe I was taking notes. “The real irony is how much dry shampoo I used to make the hair NOT look clean,” he confessed. We then discussed how a mousse and dry shampoo combo is a gamechanger for fine hair like mine. We wrapped up the appointment and I left a changed woman forever.

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