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7 Top Colorists Reveal What They Desperately Wish Their Clients Would Do to Their Hair

The moment that cape comes off after your colorist gets through with your strands is sheer bliss. Who’s that person in the mirror? You, but with way better hair than what you walked in with. You claim you adore your colorist, but you’re unknowingly making their life harder. How? Below, seven colorists confess one thing they wish you would do—for their sake and your mane’s. Follow their advice and they’ll love you and your locks long time.

1. Liz Jung

“I wish clients would diligently use Olaplex at home to keep the hair healthy because hair maintenance is just as important as skincare or going to the gym. We go to the gym so that we can eat whatever we want. Same thing with the hair. You use Olaplex so that you can damage it again with color or other chemical treatments!”

2. Jefferson T

“Take risks. Try colors that you wouldn’t normally do. The great thing about color is we can change it. Now we have technology that repairs your hair while you lighten. So brighten up, add dimension, get creative!”

3. Anja Burton

“In a perfect world, I wish clients who come in for color corrections would have more trust and patience with the correction process. Dream hair is on the horizon, but nothing happens overnight.”

4. Sarah Conner

“I wish clients wouldn’t use grocery store box color to retouch their base color in between appointments—it makes it almost impossible to maintain the health of their hair when they want highlights again upon their return, especially if they’re doing a dark base. And I wish clients wouldn’t take their personal lives out on their hair! The ol’ I’m turning 40, I’m in the midst of a breakup, my dog just died, my husband left me for the nanny…so I need to be super blonde, get bangs, or go dark, doesn’t always make for the best time to do a dramatic hair change that you more than likely will regret as soon as you come back to your sanity.”

5. Ryan Pearl

“Good products are so key, treat your hair like a crown! I always tell my clients to come in with clean hair rather than dirty, it allows the color to penetrate better.”

6. Alisha Dobson

“Tell us the truth about what’s on your hair. So many people get scared to say what they have previously done to their hair in case we won’t work on it. But having the full history won’t necessarily stop them from having colour, it may just change how or what we do. Also, have realistic expectations. Pictures are references, everyone’s hair is different, and it may take a few processes to get where you want to be.”

7. Dell Miller

“It’s important to pre-condition your hair prior to/in between any hair color appointment. Color won’t look good on poorly conditioned hair no matter how hard the colorist tries. Regular haircuts also make for expensive looking hair color.”

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