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Have You Heard About 4D Hair Color?

We live in three dimensions, but that doesn’t mean our hair color should be confined to just height, width and depth. For color that truly stands out, bring it beyond what lies ahead, and into the 4th dimension. The new 4D hair color trend is on an astral plane above the routine color processing you’ve seen forever, with a hyper-focus on creating a perfect blend for depth. To find out what 4D hair color is all about, we sat down with the Global Healing Color Director for L’ANZA, Leah Freeman.


4D Hair Color


4D hair color takes dimension to a new level. It’s about creating depth to achieve a beautiful color contrast. “It takes away the ‘black and white’ feeling of highlights and low-lights,” says Leah. Instead, when processing in four dimensions, “you get those multi-dimensional tones with a seamless gradient of color.” She insists this is the only way to get the optimal color balance. “It’s the key to your most natural looking hair,” she adds.

In order to achieve this technique, Leah tells us to choose two to three shades that lie within the same Level or a Level and a half apart. “Doing this will achieve that really subtle contrast,” she explains. “Make sure your canvas always begins with a neutral shade, and that you are moving slowly from dark to light.”


Unlike normal highlights, the key to 4D is the special way that it blends.We’ve had so many years of Ombre and lots of what I call “black and white” color placement,” says Leah, who continues, “all that stark contrast is exhausting to our eyes.” The remedy is to think in four dimensions. “4D Color creates the illusion of volume and layers with hair color, much like a haircut,” Leah describes.

Though the closest service to 4D color is a Balayage in that they both “create very natural looking highlights,” 4D takes the process a step further. “Instead of just focusing on the highlights, you are considering the other hair color elements that create that seamless contrast,” she explains.

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If you want to try the trend, let your stylist know you are looking for bold ends, yet a soft and textured base. This will include babylights or a balayage toward the base and strong lightness on the ends. Leah advises to ask for multi-dimensional lowlights, keeping color more toward the mid-lengths and periodically through the ends.

To get 4D hair color that looks its best, Leah suggests using L’ANZA Healing Color. “Healing Color can turn one tube of color into three different services,” she shares. The key is sticking within the same palate and maximizing your tones. “Choose the same shade and process in a Demi for a more opacity, then finish off with a Demi Translucent formula to add on a sheer, translucent dimension,” she advises.

For 4D longevity, and to keep the color up, Leah recommends the Color Attach System from L’ANZA and Color Guard, which is a take-home product that Leah dubs “incredible.” Simply spray it on after a service, before a shower. “Color Guard it will extend your color life up to 107%,” she tells us. No matter the process, it’s important to keep hair health up in-between services, especially if there’s bleach involved. “Keep those blondes gorgeous, shiny, and full of dimension with Keratin Healing Oil Emergency Service—it’s a professional back-bar treatment that restores hair back to its fabulous former luster,” says Leah. We definitely can’t wait to try the trend!

How does 4D Hair Color compare to oil smudging, smudging and shading? Get the deets here.

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