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Everything You Need to Know About Hair Bronzing — The Tan For Your Strands

We love getting our tan on as much as the next person, but we’re also here to tell you that bronzing your hair is also 100% a thing and you need to try it. What is hair bronzing, you ask? It’s a bold embrace of the warmer and brighter hair hues that doesn’t require too much maintenance.

If you’re curious about the details on this look and want to try it out this summer, scroll through below for the full low-down and our favorite inspo looks.

What is Hair Bronzing?

If your locks are dark brown or ash blonde, bronzing is the perfect way to give them a sizzling summer lift. The technique involves combining golden and metallic shades to give your hair a toasty, tanned effect. There are a ton of ways to bronze that suit your specific hair color and it isn’t super high-commitment. 

If you already love your current shade and just want to take it up a notch for summer, ask your colorist to bronze only slightly using hues that are close to your original color. For a little more drama, bronzing can also add dimension to your locks as well using shades that aren’t the same, but complementary.

Blondes who want to soften their color a bit can opt for more blended shades of bronze mixed in while brunettes can even lighten their look by adding warmth. Bonus if you have thinner hair, bronzing may even add enough dimension for your hair to appear thicker.

Summer Hair Bronzing Inspo

Whether you’re wanting a slight lift or complete transformation, your colorist can help you achieve a scorching summer look with bronzing. If you’re unsure of what will work best, find some inspo below.

For a serious lift, try this gorgeous copper shade. It will require more maintenance, but we say it’s well worth it 😍.

Add a few bronze, face-framing pieces on a shorter cut for the ultimate heated up look.

For a summer going into fall look, opt for this stunning pumpkin pie shade.

Thinking of doing something else, color-wise, this summer? HERE’s our balayage vs. highlights breakdown.

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