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We’ve All Read About Instagram Face, but Is There an Instagram Hair Phenomena Too?

Like every poignant cultural commentary, this one made its way to our phones via various text chats and email forwards. Things catch like wildfire when they have truth to them and the article that coined Instagram Face by the New Yorker was as honest as it gets. It got us thinking, does Instagram Face live in a silo on social media channels? Or are there other siblings of the phenomena sprouting about in the internet ether?

It didn’t take much to prove our suspicions. Instagram Face has spawned other phenomena we can’t ignore…welcome to the age Instagram Hair. Although more innocuous than its older cousin, Instagram Hair has distinct characteristics. A quick flip through the social media channel will confirm this. Instagram hair entails s a post that typically only showcases the partial face of the subject. She looks away from the camera and displays perfectly “lived in” loose waves that showcase her hair color’s depth and shine. The post must look natural but also show expert cutting, styling and coloring skills.

Instagram hair is easy to spot but it doesn’t carry any of the negative connotations of Instagram face. It is simply a posting framework, a recipe if you will, that started with OG stylists and is now mimicked by salons large and small all over the world. It serves as a format where artists can show their best work without seeming like they are trying too hard. It captures a perfect balance between perfect hair skills and the lived-in hairstyles that have dominated our Instagram age.

Instagram hair posts are served to our feeds by both the subject and the skilled hairstylist. It’s a moment of pride for both and it is showcased as such. Gushing posts from the subject adorn her hairstylist with praise. On the other side of the coin, the skilled master will sometimes impart tips for the reader in their version.

Now that you know how to spot Instagram hair, how will it change the way you see your feed? Are you more likely to adopt the trend? Or will you try to break away and come up with your own version of the post?

After you ask your stylist for Instagram Hair, be sure to also let them SPILL about their craziest salon stories!

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