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Lamellar Water Is the Ingredient You Haven’t Heard of Yet but Definitely Need

If you are reading this now it means you’re eons ahead of everybody else when it comes to haircare. You’re constantly scouring blogs for trends and are always the first when it comes to learning about new products and ingredients. Despite all those efforts, there is one hyped-up ingredient you may not yet be aware of. We are here to introduce you to lamellar water and to explain why you need to use it in your haircare routine.

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The reason why you may not have heard of lamellar water is that there is currently only one product in the US that is leveraging that technology. The product comes to us stateside by L’Oréal Paris and it’s called 8 Second Wonder Water. The makers swear by this product claiming that it completely revamps hair in only eight seconds. The explanation behind this revolutionary treatment lies in how the ingredients are arranged. In this formulation, lamellar refers to the distribution of tiny, good-for-you actives in the product. In layman’s terms, this means ingredients are arranged in thin lamellae layers instead of their traditional bulky placement. Traditional placements tend to over-coat hair and create unwanted texture over time. The way the ingredients are arranged allows for better penetration of the hair’s cuticle layer, this, in turn, means a more effective treatment.

lamellar water
(via Ulta)

L’Oreal Paris’ 8 Second Wonder Water was made with moisturizing agents and amino acids. They carefully target damaged hair cuticles and create a smooth surface. The result is shine and manageability. In eight seconds flat, the maker’s promise silkier, shinier, healthier-looking manes. The beauty of lamellar water is that it also doesn’t weigh hair down.

Using L’Oreal Paris 8 Second Wonder Water is easy. It can be applied two to three times a week on wet hair after your shampoo ritual. You dispense a healthy amount of product on your hands and apply it directly to your wet hair as you massage for approximately eight seconds. Then, you can rinse the product out, making sure to avoid your eyes. You have the option to follow your normal conditioning routine after this or call it a day and let the product work its magic on you.

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