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Why Aren’t You Using Pracaxi Oil Yet?

We typically don’t seek out products based around an ingredient we can’t pronounce, but pracaxi oil is the exception. This powerhouse oil comes from Brazil and has a range of benefits revolving around its conditioning properties. What’s more, the vitamin-rich, frizz-fighter is considered “liquid gold” for your mane. Keep scrolling to learn everything there is to know about pracaxi oil, including its benefits and why you should add it to your haircare routine ASAP!

What Is Pracaxi Oil?

We were introduced to this oil through OGX, so we reached out to their team to learn more. A brand rep noted pracaxi oil “is derived from the pentaclethra macroloba tree native to Brazil.”

They also share that “pracaxi contains one of the highest concentrations of behenic acid (a fatty acid responsible for hydrating and protecting. It’s a great conditioning treatment and helps strengthen strands,” the rep notes.

Pracaxi Oil Benefits

“When blended in these formulas, this collection keeps frizz and dryness to a minimum and leaves curls smooth and silky for a naturally lush look,” the OGX rep continues of pracaxi’s punch. “You’ll be able to feel and see hydrated, shiny strands after the first use and long-term benefits when applied consistently.”

Every oil has its audience and we’re told that pracaxi “is great for those with curly, frizz prone, dry hair.” In addition to hydrating coarse hair and enhancing shine, it also treats dandruff and protects tresses from the sun. Sign us up!

How to Use the Oil

To make the most of the oil, apply it overnight and let it marinate into strands as you sleep. You can even use it as a preshampoo treatment or work a few drops in and style as usual. Pracaxi oil is more potent than castor and lighter than coconut oil, making this new staple the latest addition to our oil arsenal.

OGX has an entire line dedicated to the oil. If you aren’t sure where to start with products, we suggest using this drugstore staple.

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