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Your Rising Sign Reveals More About Your Hair Than You Know

Everyone knows their sun sign. It’s the easiest to figure out—all you need to know is your birthday and you’re all set. But very few people know what their rising sign is. If you don’t, you really should. Why? Because it reveals a ton about your appearance. South Bay astrologer Julie Rader shares, “The rising sign (also called the ascendant or AC) is the best indicator of how a person looks. It is considered to be the mask a person wears or a person’s appearance when stepping out into the world.”

When we think of our physical appearance, we think of our hair—duh. What does our rising sign reveal about our hair? Below, Rader details how each rising sign expresses itself through its mane. Discover what your rising sign highlights about your tresses now!

Aries Rising

Being the first sign in the zodiac, Aries tends to be very bold and daring in their approach to life. The same goes for their hair, especially as an Aries rising. Rader shares they often have bold and powerful hair. Think shaved heads, mohawks, or long, luscious locks. “Aries risings style their hair in a way that everyone notices when they enter a room, but they also need a style they can contain while being active. Aries risings are always on the move, so ponytails or a wash-and-go cut work great.”

Taurus Rising

Taurus is an incredibly responsible and practical earth sign. They prefer to keep things relatively low key, so it should come as no surprise Taurus risings feel the same way about their strands. “This sign is not keen on changes so they keep it natural and beautiful,” Rader shares. Their hair tends to be easy, breezy, beautiful, CoverGirl.

Gemini Rising

This one should come as no surprise. Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning they’re incredibly flexible and adaptable to change. And we all know how often Gemini changes their mind. Rader shares that Gemini risings should opt for “easy, wash-and-go” styles that are “versatile so they can change their look often.” Lobs are a great option, as they can be cut shorter or grown out longer. Plus, the rising sign can update their color as often as they’d like.

Cancer Rising

While Geminis change their mind often, Cancers change their mood often. Because of that Rader notes this rising sign will also benefit from a style that is more versatile “so they can change their hair with their moods.” Cancer is a water sign, meaning beachy styles are also a great option. “Cancers like to swim in the ocean, so salty, wavy locks are great,” Rader says.

Leo Rising

Ruled by the sun, Leo is often the center of attention. They don’t really have to work for it either, people are just drawn to them. That is why, Rader shares, their hair is often photo-ready. Leo risings are more than prepared for you to snap a selfie with them whenever they go out. The lion is also the symbol for this sign, so Julie notes “they have big hair, often curly like a lion’s mane.” You know what they say about big hair!

Virgo Rising

Virgo is known for being a bit of a perfectionist. They’re particular and detail-oriented. When it comes to their hair, Virgo risings know the devil is in the details. “The detailed-oriented nature of Virgo always wants their hair looking perfect. Often, Virgos have naturally straight hair,” notes Rader. Whenever they step out, their hair is often perfectly styled. Not a single strand is out of place.

Libra Rising

With Venus as their planetary ruler, Libras love romantic styles. They want to feel as if they’re in a romantic comedy 24/7 and they show that through their hair. Rader shares that Libra risings often have “romantic, beautiful hair” and look best in “long waves or braids.”

Scorpio Rising

Mysterious and alluring, Scorpios also tend to attract quite a bit of attention. People can’t quite figure them out, but they love watching others try. Scorpios are very sexy, which is why Rader mentions “this rising sign always has sexy hair.” Specifically, “hair you can grab while having sex.” Do with that information what you will.

Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius is an adventurous sign, so Rader shares that ponytails tend to be the go-to style for this rising sign. They’ll often be “long like a horse’s mane.” The key for Sagittarius risings is to “keep their hair brushed and healthy.” Taking care of their gorgeous locks is imperative, and often something they forget to do.

Capricorn Rising

The CEO of the zodiac tends to be very traditional in their appearance. They steer clear of anything too “wild or showy,” opting more for “traditional cuts and colors.” Rader mentions this rising sign looks as if they’re “ready for business at all times.” Much like them, their hair is very buttoned-up.

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius is a bit of a rebel. They don’t stick to societal norms, which is why they tend to veer in the more “unconventional” direction when it comes to their strands. Rader shares they’ll often wear brightly colored hair with an “unusual or asymmetric haircut.” Normal is not in their nature.

Pisces Rising

Pisces risings tend to fit into two categories: romantic or witchy. Similar to Libra risings, they like romantic styles, such as long locks, braids, or natural strands. But Rader also notes some are a little more mystical. “Think of the wise medicine woman with long white hair,” she shares.

We love astrology here at Mane Addicts. So much so, that we had an astrologer plan out our entire hair care routine for a month. Read all about your experience HERE!

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