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What Spending Too Much Time Indoors During Quarantine Does to Your Hair

Wondering what spending too much time indoors does to your hair? Consider that question answered.

While we’re all still spending a lot of extra time inside during quarantine, our hair may actually pay the price. There are quite a few downsides associated with staying inside. But, there are also some benefits.

We’re breaking down the negative and positive effects staying in has on your hair. Read them all below now!

Negative Effects of Staying Indoors on Hair

Staying inside may be cozy, but it’s not always great for our hair. Below, we get into a few of the negative effects staying indoors has on your tresses.

Not as Much Vitamin D

Staying inside means not going outside. That’s obvious, but that also means you don’t get as much vitamin D. Most of us get vitamin D from the sun, so when we don’t subject ourselves to it, we don’t get that benefit. You may be wondering why that’s a negative, given too much time in the sun is also negative. Getting vitamin D helps promote hair growth. When you don’t get it, you risk suffering from hair loss.

Lack of a Haircare Routine

You may have noticed your haircare routine slipping the second quarantine started. Washing your locks likely became irregular, as you kept them in one hairstyle and one hairstyle only. This can seem like a benefit, and it kind of is, but it also has a downside. Your scalp doesn’t receive the same amount of stimulation when you stop washing your hair. Your oils can build up, which clogs pores and prevents hair growth.

Eating Less Nutrients

Listen, we all aren’t eating that great during quarantine. Whether it’s excessively using your postmates app, or prepping your go to dishes (like pasta, or frozen items) many people are eating more calories and besting less active.

Doing this once a week isn’t all bad, but when it is done constantly, your hair won’t receive the proper nutrients. Consuming extra amounts of sugar, fat, and carbs isn’t great for our stomach. As far as our hair is concerned, it makes it difficult to absorb the nutrients we need for healthy strands.

Positive Effects of Staying Indoors on Hair

Just as there are negatives, they are also some benefits to spending your days inside. Let’s get into them below!

Less Exposure to UV Rays

UV rays aren’t only bad for your skin, they also cause damage to your strands. They’re especially responsible for causing a decrease in hair protein. In turn, this can cause hair loss. While some UV rays are beneficial, too much exposure isn’t great for your locks. Spending time inside helps you stay away from them.

Break From Heat-Based Styling Tools

Being cooped up indoors means we don’t have to get ready for many events. Especially with the pandemic still raging on outside, everything is closed. Rather than spending time and energy frying your strands with heat-based tools, they get a much-needed break. We’re sure they appreciate it.

More Time to Treat Your Tresses

This benefit may differ depending on your personal situation, but it’s still a positive nonetheless. Because everything has moved inside, our commutes are virtually non-existent. The time spent driving anywhere doesn’t exist. So when we log off from our work for the day, we’re already home. Heck, when we’re already home while working. This means we can treat our tresses to some masks, leave-in conditioner, etc. all while working from home. These treatments aren’t something we often have time to do with everything going on. But now we can work and repair our hair. What could be better?

Though we’re stuck inside for the unforeseeable future, you’ll want to quit THESE lazy hair habits during quarantine.

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