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How to Find the Right Tousled Bob For Your Face Shape

If there’s one hair cut that remains effortlessly chic, it’s the tousled bob.  We love the simplicity of this shape and the soft, airy layers.  This cut can work on a variety of hair textures and face shapes, but you’ll need to know a few things before taking the plunge to short hair.

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Know Your Face Shape

The easiest way to discover your face shape is to take a look at it when all your hair is pulled back off your face.

Oval:  Are you cheekbones the widest part of your face?  Do your forehead and chin seem to round equally?  You’ve got an oval face!

Square:  Is your jawline the widest or strongest feature of your face.  That’s square baby!

Round:  Is your face equally wide as it is tall?  Chances are your face shape is round.

Heart:  Is your chin much more narrow than your forehead?  Probably have a heart shaped face!

Oblong:  Is your face on the longer side?  That’s oblong!

Know What To Ask For

Oval: Oh, the lucky oval face.  The only face shape that nearly every style can look amazing on.  Be fearless in experimentation, you can pull off short, or long bangs, and lengths as short as a pixie, touching the jawline, and longer.  Find your favorite facial feature, and ask your stylist for a length that will bring the attention there.  For example, if you have nice full lips, a cut that is just as long as your lip line will draw the eye there.  If you have amazing cheekbones, as for a bang that just reaches the tip, and if you have bold or seductive eyes, a short face framing bang will really make them pop.

Square:  For square face shapes, we suggest keeping the length below the jawline.  This will lengthen the face.  A sweeping bang can add width to the top of the face, creating a lovely face framing style.  Chances are you have cheekbones to kill, so ask for a bang that reaches just to the top of the cheekbone, perhaps something asymmetrical that opens the eye.  You’ll want to add volume to the top half of your head, so soft airy layers near the crown can do wonders.

Round:  On rounder face shapes, this cut tends to look best when it is slightly longer than chin length-collarbone, perhaps leaving a few longer pieces around the face.  Ask for layers that give you volume at the top, but avoid graduated cuts that add width.  Long, asymmetrical bangs can work here, but avoid middle parts and blunt straight bangs for the most flattering result.

Heart:  Such a sweet face you have.  Blunt ends work great for you, adding width.  Try a length that is just around chin length, and style with bouncy and body towards the ends.  You don’t need too many layers, unless you wanted something around the face, or to remove bulk from the back.  You can do graduation well, but keep it full in the front.  If you are thinking bangs, something to the side could work nicely, even shorter lengths above the eyebrow.

Oblong: Longer face shapes will want to avoid anything that pulls the face down.  Opt for lengths that are around the cheekbone, jawbone, or chin length, but avoid collarbone grazing lengths as that can continue to draw the eye downwards, elongated the face.  You will want to embrace width adding volume, so layers are a great option for you, and styling with lots of curls and body to add bounce.

For Everyone to Know

This cut is all about airy movement.  If you have finer hair, cutting it with a razor can give that feel without adding too many layers.  For thicker hair types, you will want to remove weight to create movement.  Asking for a style that is just slightly shorter in the back will create a more modern feel.  Feeling unsure?  Place your hands or a comb around various lengths and notice what that does to your face shape, then choose a length that feels the most comfortable.

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