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10 Dry Texturizers for Lived in Hair

In the era of lived in hair and ‘model off duty’ texture, it’s only appropriate that we give you the low-down on the secret to perfect second day strands (from some of the industries experts) that will having everyone thinking you really did just wake up like this.


A superfine powder that comes in a a cute pale pink squeezable ball, this product can easily deceive.The smallest amount goes a long way to adding instant grit in the hair. While Mane Master Bridget Brager suggests using this on the ends for expandable hold, celebrity stylist Kylee Heath suggests using this product to “dirty the hair. Just a little bit at the root, then give it a light tease for volume and texture.”


A light styling spray that can be used to set curls or blowouts, it gives volume to the hair without leaving any sticky residue.

“One of my favorite products is the voluforme volumizing dry spray from Leonor Greyl. I love it because it adds body and also works as a light hair spray to give the hair hold.”Anh Co Tran


By far one of the most popular texturizing sprays on the market, and a favorite of celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin, Oribe has perfected the definition of dry texture. Mist through mid lengths for airy texture or on roots for extra volume. Added bonus, the scent is an instant favorite.

KLORANE EXTRA DRY SHAMPOO WITH OAT EXTRACTKlorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>

The right dry shampoo can do wonders to create a dry, airy finish to the hair.

“I’m loving Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Extract right now. It’s one of the 1st dry texture dry shampoos I’ve used. I love how it soaks up oil and makes hair fresh especially for my #gibsongirls who haven’t shampooed in a few days. It also gives hair a great texture. It’s totally my go to.” -Celebrity hairstylist, Ted Gibson

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE DRY SPUN FINISH SPRAYBumble and bumble thickening dryspun finish spray

The perfect product for airy texture. A bit lighter than the Oribe Dry Texture Spray, this product creates less grit and lighter fullness.

“My favorite Dry Texturizing Spray is a toss up between Powder Puff by Kevin Murphy And Bumble and Bumbles Dry Spun. I use these are for major texture and updos (for grip)” -Celebrity hairstylist, Bridget Brager

SCHWARZKOPF OSIS DUST IT POWDERSchwarzkopf Osis Dust It Texture Powder

A lightweight powdery silica powder that provides a matte finish, buildable texture, and strong hold. Celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel counts this product as one of his go-to’s for building texture. It’s perfect for backcombing, expanding the hair, and creating volume and grit.


A translucent finishing hairspray that gives volume and texture to the hair.

“As for dry texture….that’s my area! I have a few products that I love, but Texturiza Spray by Unite is my obsession! It has elements of a dry shapoo, dry texturizing spray, and a very very light hairspray all in one. It gives amazing texture and it lasts. No need to reapply, just fluff your hair up with your hands and its like the product is brand new. It adds awesome texture to the heaviest and the finest hair (great volume too). The more texture you want, the more you use. It’s so great and easy I feel like I’m cheating!” -Celebrity hairstylist, Clariss Rubenstein

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE PRET A POWDERBumble and bumble Pret-A-Powder

A small dusting powder that adds that perfect instant second day feel, this is great for building the roots when backcombing, for adding piecey movement though shorter looks, or for creating a foundation when building more architectural styles.

“My favorite all around kind of, do it all “dry” shampoo is Pret-a-powder by Bumble and Bumble- it’s my favorite because it does the job of a dry shampoo AND adds volume and great clean texture.” – Celebrity hairstylist, Bridget Brager

MATRIX STYLE LINK TEXTURE BUILDERMatrix Style Link texture Builder

An anti-humidity messy finish spray, that’s fast drying and locks in your style.

“I love Matrix Style Link Texture Builder.  A great messy finish spray to help hold volume and create windswept looks on a new style or to refresh that second or third day look.” -Celebrity hairstylist, Ryan Richman


Perfect for all hair colors and textures, this dry shampoo combines strengthening Moroccan cedar extract with amplifying cornstarch for a fresh, voluminous finish without leaving a powdery residue.

“While most dry shampoos simply absorb oil from the air, this one goes far beyond. Can be used as a root thickening, volumizing, and styling spray, giving hair dry and rough texture.” -Celebrity hairstylist, Joey Maalouf

Do you have a favorite dry texturizing powder, spray, or product? Let us know in the comments!

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