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WHAT TO BUY: 5 Au Naturel Hair Brands We’re Obsessed With

We always hear, ”You are what you eat,” but at HBFIT, we believe the same holds true for products. So, if your diet is largely organic, why not extend that wholesome goodness to what you put on your body? After all, it’s a little alarming to use creams and potions that contain hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Especially when it comes to haircare, we want to understand what’s going into our hair. To save you the research time, we’ve rounded up our five favorite all-natural brands below.

JOHN MASTERS ORGANICSnatural hair products john masters organicsJohn Masters is a serious OG in the natural product space. He’s been serving up organic haircare for 20 years and during that time has produced over 50 successful concoctions. Plus, you’ll never feel like you’re limited in your selection, as his line ranges from Honey & Hibiscus Reconstructing Shampoo to a Dry Hair Defrizzer to a Bourbon and Vanilla Hair Texturizer and beyond.


RAHUAnatural hair products rahuaAfter we heard the story behind Rahua, we pretty much bought everything, immediately. The namesake is an oil known for lending thick and lustrous hair to Amazon natives. After finding this to be true, founder and hairstylist, Fabian Lliguin, went straight to the source and created his own products. Stand-outs from his line are definitely the Omega 9 Hair Mask and the Voluminous Hair Spray.


YAROKnatural hair products yarok Yarok means ‘green’ in Hebrew, underlining the company’s commitment to natural and eco-friendly haircare. Never sacrificing quality, the vegan, cruelty-free and all-organic line leaves hair ultra-soft. An added bonus? They use essential oils to ground you from the inside out. You can’t go wrong with Feed Your Ends Leave In Conditioner.


JOSH ROSEBROOK natural hair products josh rosebrookPortland-native-turned LA-hairstylist Josh Rosebrook started mixing his own products at home. Fast forward to present day, and he has a full line under his belt. His approach to beautiful and shiny hair is lifestyle-focused, as he emphasizes the importance of eating healthy and exercising. It’s only natural (pun intended) then, that he took this similarly holistic approach to his haircare products, which heal the scalp and follicle to encourage hair growth’s full potential. His Nourish LIFT Trio is sure to yield said results.


CAROL’S DAUGHTERnatural hair products carol's daughterThis Brooklyn-born brand was started by Lisa and Carol Price, a mother-daughter duo. They have come a long way since cooking up natural products from their kitchen, literally. In the span of 20 years, they have made leaps and bounds in the market and are now sold everywhere from HSN to Ulta. Best sellers (and our go-tos) include Monoi Repairing Conditioner and Hair Milk Refresher Spray.

We’re also major fans of these natural hair products.

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