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WHAT TO BUY: Bathroom Counter Must-Haves

Every girl [and guy] has the staple products that never leave their sight and the few [boxes] that are shoved away in the back of the cupboard. Well we’re here to get rid of the guessing game and let you in on a few of our staple bathroom counter necessities.

1. Moroccan Oil Hydration Cream  

The end all be all for coarse hair, dry hair, and all those curly kinks.  Not only will it keep your mane moisturized, we’ve noticed it acts as a great leave-in detangler.  Add a penny sized amount and work through the ends of damp hair.

2. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray  

Can’t stop won’t stop raving about this product, nor can the rest of the world.  It’s signature smell of luxury is the perfect companion to how  amazing it works.  A must for fine hair needing extra grit without over doing it.

3. R+Co Aircraft Pomade Mousse

To all you 80’s babies this in’t your mothers mousse.  A modern twist has been added as this product is what it says to be… a pomade mousse.  The marrying of lightweight volumizing  hold with definition and texture is everything we’ve ever dreamed of.

4. Kardashian Beauty Flatiron 

When the Kardashian sisters and Farouk systems combine, one can only assume what they produce is going to be one glamorous top of the line tool; which holds true for the Kardashian Beauty flat iron.  This 1″ iron has quickly become our favorite for creating the coveted cali-girl waves.

5. Sachajuan Ocean Mist

While we love testing out new products, this product is one that we keep coming back to.  Why?  The ability to add a “sea salt” grit while keeping the hair soft and moveable is hard to find yet SASCHAJUAN has found the secret to the perfect potion.

6. Balmain Silk Perfume

It’s Balmain… and it’s hair perfume… that’s all that needs said!

7. Hot Tools 1 1/2″ Curling Iron

The perfect iron for creating a relaxed curl AND vintage waves.  This is our most used iron for all occasions.

8. Kardashian Beauty Dry Shampoo

The glam squad go to for soaking up oils, adding volume, and giving the right amount of texture.

9. Leonor Greyl Eclat Naturel

We about to name drop cuz Jen Atkin got us hooked to this… it’s her go to for an assortment of styles because it smoothes, tames, and moisturizes; what she calls “lotion for the hair.”

10. Rita Hazan Root Concealer

Thin hair? Grays need covered? Needing a little hair pick-me-up?  The RH root spray does it all and more!  We especially love it for red carpet/on screen/event styling.  It adds fullness to the roots while toning down lighter colored scalps.


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