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WHAT TO BUY: Cool Girl Hair Accessories

The cool girl is always the perfect combination of undone and put together. She’s confident in her personal style, and never afraid to try new things!

Whichever cool girl you may be, we’ve gathered all our favorite accessories to add that perfect touch to customize your style. 


Adding these simple accessories puts just the right finishing touch on your mane. Simplistic looks that are easy enough to wear everyday!

bobby pin art

Bobby pin art: No more trying to hide your bobby pins, it’s time to show them off! Use pins or barrettes that contrast to your hair color. Add them in as a triangle, arrow, or just simply stack up multiple next to each other. We love: Mane Message Bobby Pins.

dainty hair accessories

Dainty hair jewelry: Using small delicate pieces of hair jewelry and accessories (we love anything gold!) will accentuate your simplistic hairstyle. Try: these pins from Urban Outfitters.


celine gold ponytail holder

This chic gold piece comes hot off the FW15 runways. Use to cover a hair tie on a ponytail or bun, or as an accent piece inspired by Celine.

long gold barette

For a more minimal chic, try adding this long gold barrette to your style. Find our favorites here.


Large over sized accessories are a huge influence on hair and body jewelry, try these looks out to make your style stand out from the crowd.

cool girl hair accessories

Statement hair pieces: Jeweled gold or silver accessories add drama to any style, use these looks for events or nights out where you want some extra oomph to your locks! Splurge with: Jennifer Behr.


An easy way to show your bohemian style to your everyday tousled waves. 

chain head piece hair accessory

Chain headpiece: Take a simple or elaborate headpiece to instantly add some boho glam. We love: Aura Headpieces.


Cool girls, Rihanna and Ariana Grande are perfect examples of fun and flirty with a bit of edge. They are frequently spotted rocking a bunny or cat ear hair accessory to flirt up a hairstyle.

cool girl hair accessories

Animal Headband: Halloween is no longer the only day we can quote Mean Girls, “Im a mouse, Duh!” add these fun headbands to any occasion to show your flirty sense of humor! Check out the So Catty Headband from NastyGal.

Spiked headband: Add some fun edge to any look by throwing on a dainty spiked headband. 

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