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5 Damage Remedies for Lifeless Locks

Most of us have learned the hard way that perfect platinum hair doesn’t happen overnight. You may have been a little impatient and bleached your hair prematurely, or perhaps you decided to try that box hair color from the grocery store. If you’ve been left with brittle, weak, and damaged hair, we’re here for you.

So how to backtrack on those Kim K inspired locks? There are tons of remedies out there (our favorite is a major haircut!). But, if you’re not willing to chop those locks, we’ve got a shoulder to cry on and some major advice in the form of our favorite damage repair products…



Olaplex Damage Remedy

If you haven’t heard about this miracle product line, you might be living under a rock. Olaplex is a professional line of hair care used in the salon to help prevent and repair damage by replacing the broken disulfide bonds in your hair. The 3rd step in the Olaplex system is a take home product to repair your damaged mane in between salon appointments. This is a weekly treatment to maintain the work your stylist did in the salon.



Redken Extreme for Damaged Hair

Serious hair repair in a bottle alert! The extreme products come with treatments that replace the proteins in your hair that are lost with damage. If you’re having issues with breakage, the anti-snap leave in treatment reduces brittle strands, split ends, and mechanical damage from brushing. For everyday strengthening, try the extreme shampoo and conditioner.



Kevin Murphy Born.AGAIN

Made for extremely tortured and chemically dehydrated hair, this treatment contains ingredients small enough to pass into the hair cortex for instant repair. Are you using biotin to stimulate more hair growth? BORN.AGAIN names biotin (vitamin H) as a key ingredient to prevent hair loss! Pair it with the BORN.AGAIN wash for everyday moisture and repair.



Aveda Damage Remedy

Developed especially for dry and over processed hair, these restructuring products come in a shampoo, conditioner, daily hair repair, and intensive treatment. Gentle on fragile hair, the damage remedy products use quinoa protein to fill damaged cuticles for healthier and stronger hair even after just one use. 



Kerastase Fibre Architect Damaged Hair Remedy

A reparative dual serum for damaged ends, targeting the highest level of hair erosion. The key technology in this Kerastase serum creates a holding structure around each breaking point, promising a fresh hair cut feel without sacrificing those long locks!


These products can definitely deliver some miracles, but remember the results will be even healthier hair after a  proper hair cut. Even just a trim will help mend those fragile ends!

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