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WHAT TO BUY: Defy Oxidation with BLNDN


Over time, hair starts to oxidize aka bleach itself inside out—or in other words, turn gray. While there’s nothing wrong with being a sassy silver fox, oxidation causes hair to become dry and brittle. Whether you want to embrace the gray or return to your natural color, it’s important to nourish your mane with treatments that combat the harsh effects of oxidation. Meet BLNDN, a revolutionized haircare line designed to do just that—balance bleached and aging hair.

At first glance, you may think BLNDN is limited to maintaining bright and vibrant blonde tresses, but the brand is totally versatile. Contrary to popular belief, chemicals and dyes aren’t the only cause of hair damage, nope—Father Time is to blame for dull and weak locks, too! Being the only high-performance haircare system for both chemically and naturally oxidized hair on the market, BLNDN is a lifesaver for all hair types. BLNDN’s proprietary complex makes it the first of its kind to not only treat the damaging effects of oxidation, but to recognize whether the damage is caused by bleaching or by naturally aging. The collection offers a premium selection of products that reverse the damage of oxidation and leave hair strong, shiny and soft.



BLNDN Save You Balancing Cream

The perfect everyday moisturizer for lustrous locks. 


BLNDN Repair You Mask

This once-a-week leave-in treatment will literally turn back the hands of time!


BLNDN Quench You Shampoo

Think of this sulfate-free cleanser as a hydration station for your strands.


BLNDN Nourish You Conditioner

This lightweight conditioner restores your hair’s vibrancy and adds some major shine.

Visit BLNDN’s website to see their other amazing products.

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