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WHAT TO BUY: Ear Armor- Your Mane’s Edgy Sidekick

ear armor

Accessorizing your outfit isn’t enough anymore; upping the wow appeal of your hair just got edgier. Ear armor is your manes latest sidekick. Seen on the most sought after style mavens, ear armor has officially become a  celebrity favorite. The edgy accessory is a foolproof way to take a look from basic to brilliant.  Throwing your hair in a ponytail is now instantly cooler, thanks to the latest ear candy.  

Italian Jewel House Repossi and Jacquie Aiche have created the most amazing line of ear cuffs which have been spotted on numerous stylish celebs. But don’t think you have to spend a fortune to look just as chic as the stars, there are equally stunning pieces from Jewelry Storm for a fraction of the price.

 Your manes newest embellishment is the perfect balance between edgy and sophisticated. Just imagine, a  deep side part with undone beachy waves, with your hair tucked behind your ear to unveil this little gem, your instantly catapulted into ‘cool’ girl status. So go  ahead and experiment with some edgy ear armor, the classy  punk rocker inside is just begging for you to try this trend! 

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