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Try These Hair Masks to Combat Harsh Weather

If this winter’s weather has dried out your hair strands and left your mane without it’s luster, it’s time to condition, condition, condition! Frigid temperates, wind, and dry air can leave our strands feeling parched and dehydrated, which it why we’ve rounded up the best of the best deep conditioners for every hair type. So take a look below, massage your head, and let your strands soak up those oils because healthy hair is in your horizon!



Most people with fine hair tend to need to wash it more regularly to prevent it from falling limp or flat. However, when a fine haired girl’s got damaged ends, it can put your strands in a seriously compromising position. If this is your problem, we suggest using a clarifying shampoo at the roots only, and a lightweight moisturizing conditioner on the ends.

Our favorite deep conditioner for fine hair types? Kerastase Nutritive Masqueintense for Fine Hair.



Coarser hair types generally tend to be stronger in combating breakage, however in order to prevent damage done from heat styling or the environment, a weekly deep conditioning treatment can do wonders.

We suggest: Davines NouNou Pak Nourishing Repairing Mask once a week for at least 20 minutes in damp hair.



Curly hair will always be drier than straighter hair types, so constantly moisturizing is key. A deep conditioner used regularly can help maintain a soft bounce to curls while combating frizz and dryness. Shampoos can often be too harsh for some curly hair types, so we suggest skipping the shampoo and diving straight for the conditioner (a good conditioner is enough to break up build up on the hair without over drying it).

Our favorite? DevaCurl Heaven in Hair Conditioner.



Every blonde girl knows that maintaining those bright locks isn’t easy. Blonde hair highlighted from the sun and color creates a weaker hair strand that is more likely to damage. We suggest keeping heat styling to a minimum and using moisturizing products without keratin added (oftentimes keratin protein can be too heavy for blonde hair types, causing hair to feel even more brittle).

We suggest: Rene Furterer After Sun Mask to restore silky strands.



We’ve all had our fair share of experimental dye jobs, and our locks have suffered. If you’re one to go from blonde, to black and back in just a few moment’s time, make sure to treat your hair WELL in between hair appointments. Using a mask on your hair the night before you color can do wonders to prevent damage and ensure the color processes evenly.

We love: Redken Intense Renewal Super Moisturizing Mask.


Do you have a favorite conditioner to repair your winter stressed strands? Let us know in the comments!

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