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WHAT TO BUY: Hair Perfume

Have you ever been somewhere and someone will pass by you and leave the most impressionable scent behind? Chances are that they may tell you it’s their hair perfume. Yes hair perfume! Today some of the most trendsetting fragrance houses are debuting the most irresistible and intoxicating scents for your gorgeous mane. Byredo recently launched three of their most popular and indulgent fragrances in the form of hair perfume. These include Bal D’Afrique, which is described as warm and romantic vetiver inspired by Paris in the late 20’s, Blanche is light, clean, and airy for the classic girl, and lastly Gypsy Water a cult “It Girl” fragrance, with notes of bergamot, lemon, pepper, sandalwood, vanilla, and amber just to name a few.

byredo hair perfume

If Byredo doesn’t have a scent for your luscious locks then perhaps one of Le Labo’s perfume oils will be just what you need. These irresistibly packaged oils contain no alcohol and can be applied to your hair down to your toes if you so desire. With scents like Vetiver 46, Ambrette 9, and Rose 31, just to name a few, Le Labo has created an amazing lineup. Each scent is made to order and can be layered for customization. The possibilities of creating a unique scent are endless and everlasting.

ambrette hair perfume

Both fragrance houses have perfected the ease and sophistication of fragrance. These hair scents and oils are none fussy and carefree, but will leave people wondering who you are and where you are going. So the next time you are in the market to invest in a signature scent, remember that your hair crosses every path with you and leaves behind your ‘subliminal signature.’


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