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WHAT TO BUY: Hair Tattoos

Kylie Jenner Hair Tattoo

Kylie Jenner just blew our minds with the latest hair trend we’re dying to copy. We’ve seen flash tattoos everywhere from SXSW, to Bonaroo, fashion week and Coachella, but we’ve never seen it on a mane!

Kylie Jenner Hair Tattoo

No longer are highlights, ombres, and pastels the hit hairstyle, but rather the addition of artsy strands and patterned designs. These glittery adornments are easy to apply (just like a regular flash tattoo) and are totally temporary, the perfect bling for your tresses.

Leave it to Kylie to try it out first, but we can’t wait to test it out on our strands this weekend. Pick up yours at FlashTat.

What do you think of this metallic trend? Would you wear one on your mane?


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