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WHAT TO BUY: Olaplex

If you’re anything like us, shying away from haircolor and bleach is not an option. So what do we do to prevent the damage? Well, there is a [somewhat] new product on the market that takes the stress of dried-out and broken strands. A favorite of celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham, Olaplex is a revolutionary new way to color and treat hair to restore resilience and shine.


Olaplex is a three part system. It can be used by professionals as an add on service to your color, a post or pre color treatment, or as a take home add on to your regular hair routine. 


Bianca Hillier, International Educator for Olaplex explained, “Olaplex is a 3 step system that repairs and builds bonds on the internal shaft of the hair that get destroyed due to chemical or thermal services. Since the bonds are being re-linked it gives the hair strength, elasticity and allows the color molecules to have more to latch on to decreasing porosity. Olaplex is extremely convenient because it is compatible with any chemical service and/or any brand. I use Olaplex on every single client whether the hair is damaged or if the hair simply just struggles to hold a tone. I am obsessed with Olaplex- it allows me to push my limits without compromising the integrity of the hair.”


Olaplex is the answer for every colorist and client. It allows the freedom to color your strands from dark to light and vice versa without sacrificing hair strength and elasticity. Whether you’re planning on going platinum, or your strands just need a little extra care, Olaplex is the miracle product that can bring life back to dull and lifeless tresses!

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