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WHAT TO BUY: Oscar Blandi Blowout Creme



The secrets to getting salon styled at home isn’t as big of a secret as you might think. While a professionally trained hand might have the advantage, the make or break moment all comes down to the product you’re using.



If you’re having a hard time obtaining a smooth, bouncy blowout, look no further than Oscar Blandi Blowout Creme. We love this product because it’s lightweight, polishes to perfection, and keeps the hair moveable while maintaining structure; this means longevity for your blowout!

To get the look we’ve thrown together 6 easy steps…


1.  Evenly distribute the blow out creme through damp hair.

2.  Rough dry hair to get as much moisture out as possible.  This will speed up the process as well as save your arm.  Before even thinking of using a brush, dry hair until it’s around 15-20% dry.

3.  Section out the “horseshoe” on top of the head and save for last.

4.  Take vertical sections (smaller if your hair is thick, larger if your hair is thinner) and use your round brush to dry.  Don’t panic if things aren’t perfect, you can always touch up with a flat iron.

5.  Once finished, start on the horseshoe by breaking it into three sections.  This is where you’ll want to put all your energy as this is the icing on the cake.  Start with your brush at the base of the section and slowly dry the hair.  Once hair is completely dry, coil it down into a barrel curl and secure with a 2-prong clip; complete the other two sections just the same.

6.  Allow the top curls to cool before releasing.  When you’re ready take out the clips, flip over your hair, and give a good shake.  Flip your hair back over and voila… chic, glam, blowout that’ll give any salon a run for their money!


2 minutes

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