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WHAT TO BUY: That Healthy Hair Tho!


When it comes to hair, we’re not afraid to admit that Rita Hazan has her t’s crossed, i’s dotted, and everything hair on lock; seriously Yoncé trusting RH with her mane translates that world must bow and listen.  That being said we present to you with Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy.  The description alone “a revolutionary formula that instantly transforms strands into lustrous, healthy, shiny hair with vibrant color” had us begging for the chance to try it.  In this mane addicted case, ask and you shall receive came into play.  Here’s how it went.

Step 1.

Being the color junkie I am, my hair (focusing on the ends) has been stripped and stripped til it could strip no more.  Add on the fact of our regular travels with climate change after climate change, and you’ve got yourself a Class A Canadite for some major reconditioning!  So I started with a quick wash using Clear Scalp and Hair Total Care.  It gives deep cleansing to remove a weeks worth of product, we so willingly let build up.  Next comes the start of the magic moment, Step 1, Treat it.  After rinsing the shampoo I towel dried as much moisture out the hair as possible.  I applied a quarter size of conditioner from roots to ends… but didn’t stop there.  My ends are REALLY dry so I always feel the need to oversaturate; so make that quarter a 50 cent piece and insert squinting cheese face emoji. The next step says to rinse immediately.  In my head I kept thinking “ehhhh maybe it should sit for a minute” but 20 seconds into that reservation I came to my senses that Rita knows what she’s talking about, thus I should listen, do as directed, and rinse.


Step 2.

At this point I’m really extremely excited. I’m halfway through with Part 1 accomplished, and the anticipation (of Part 2 “Seal it“) has me on a beauty high! I apply the same amount of conditioner from root to ends, combed through to make sure no strand was left behind, and finished by rinsing out.


The Results

To get a clear vision of how my hair reacts I like to let my hair air dry, preferably at night, so when I wake up in the morning it’s already styled á la pillow case.  The no heat, no brush factor lets you zone in on how well a product worked… or not.  With the Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy it had me wishing it was already the next week, JUST so I could use it again.  My once dry hair felt soft, moisturized, and most of all strong!


The Recommendation

While anyone with hair color (or hair for that matter) is a candidate for deep treatments, I personally am calling out all you bleach addicts.  Blondes, brondes, and anyone who’s had one too many dips in the ombre pool.



2 minutes

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