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What to Consider Before Getting a Razor Haircut

Switching up your haircut is one thing, but shifting from a scissor-only haircut to a razor haircut can feel intimidating. The result of a razor haircut, however, is an edgy, cool-girl effect you’ll love. To find out if the razor haircut is for you, we tapped owner and stylist at The Pine Petaluma, Barb Thompson, whose speciality is French girl razor bobs, on everything you should consider before getting a razor haircut.


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The Ideal Candidate

I don’t think any hair type is truly off the table. I use my razor on black hair to very fine hair. I would say it all depends on the shape you want. I love the razor it for Lob haircuts, ‘70s shags, and my French bobs which are my speciality!

What to Consider

  • First and foremost, be sure that the stylist knows what they are doing. In my years of doing hair, people have strong reactions to the razor due to the person using it. The tool itself is GREAT. But you have to know what you are doing. There is a strong learning curve. Parts of the blade are very purposeful.
  • Second, be ready for change. If you are going from a scissor-only haircut to razor haircut, it takes out weight/length in no time.
  • Third, have realistic expectations. Pinterest and Instagram make it seem like the final result can weigh on the cut. It’s so much more than that. Those photos have been styled and found that perfect light to achieve that look. Be ready with any change to put SOME effort in.

Air Drying

The person using the straight, guarded razor should understand your expectations and your texture and density. It all depends on your natural texture and the products you use.

Choosing the Right Razor Cut

With any haircut, scissor or razor, be realistic. I think it’s rare for hair to be perfect without product or hot tools to be wash and wear. So, yes, I feel everyone has a few shapes that look best but anyone can do anything depending on what they are willing to put into it. 

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