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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About GHD’s Just Launched Hairdryer

We’re always looking for the next best dryer, so when we found out about GHD’s newly launched Helios: $249, we had to go straight to the source. Dafydd Thomas, the brand’s Global Head of Education explains what makes the Helios special and how to get the fastest drying speeds without compromising shine.  

GHD’s R&D team spent three years, including over 120,000 hours of testing time, developing Helios — which went through 150 versions before being finalized.  All of these hours went into the creation of a dryer that reduces drying time without leaving hair dull – something that’s (unfortunately) not usually the case. “Often as a hairdresser, you have to choose between one and another, and often something is compromised,” explains Dafydd, outlining the four key elements that make the Helios work. 

1.         The unique patterned grille design helps to draw air into the filter efficiently and effectively allowing for masses of fresh airflow to help dry the hair quicker.

2.         A bespoke acoustic system makes sure the noise levels and pitch are lower! This is great when I’m styling models or clients as we can still hear each other talking.

3.         It has built-in ‘fins’ around the inner body that we call stator veins. These smooth the airflow into a direct stream of air giving me more shine.

4.         I love the shape and dimensions of the nozzle, it’s perfect for getting into the roots for volumes blow-dries.

Image via GHD

Reducing Drying Time

Hair dries based on a combination of speed and velocity of airflow – the speed of your dry time depends exclusively on your dryer. Helios’ brushless motor delivers 120kmh speeds — in case you were wondering, that is faaast. Like, suspend a tennis ball in the air, fast. However, the Helios game-changer is how the filter draws in a massive volume of airflow. “It is this fresh volume of airflow that will also decrease drying time,” Dafydd stresses.

The Ionizer

Now comes the shine part. Because the dryer features an ionizer, consider frizz conquered. “Ionic technology produces negative ions while you dry and style,” says Dafydd. Ions are responsible for neutralizing the positive, static charge of the hair, which, in turn, reduces frizz and flyaways.

Image via GHD

More to Come

If your hair requires more than just a blowdryer to stay fleeky (raises hand), GHD has you covered. The brand is launching 3 companion attachments to Helios, including an afto pic, wide nozzle and diffuser – Here’s what’s what, below.

•          Afro pick – Stretch out natural textures and expand shapes when wearing your natural curl.

•          Wide nozzle – This Is perfect for creating a smooth blow-dry as the wider nozzle covers the entire brush to speed up airflow

•          Diffuser – This is a much-needed attachment to style your hair in its natural texture. The diffusor envelops the hair with an even distribution of air, for frizz-free curls 

And did we mention the dryer comes in colors? You can choose from navy, plum, white and classic black to add a little something-something to your vanity.

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