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What You Need to Know About Antibacterial Hair Mist

Even if you’re masked up and won’t leave the house without to-go hand sanitizer, we’re willing to wager that your hair is unguarded against germs. So, when we heard about an antibacterial mist for your hair, and also your body, we wanted all the deets. Lisa Marie Garcia, president of innovation for Farouk Systems (better known for hair staples CHI and BioSilk) filled us in on the how’s behind the spray, which we all could use right now.

How It Works

The BioSilk Health + Beauty Antibacterial Hair & Body Mist: $17.99 is a lightweight spray used to refresh and condition your hair while simultaneously guarding against germs. The scented spray is packed with natural aloe vera, lavender essential oil and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and glycerin. “This spray is made to seal in moisture for a silky-smooth finish,” Lisa Marie continues.

BioSilk Health + Beauty Antibacterial Hair & Body MistL: $17.99

(via BioSilk)

The spray is given antibacterial properties through an active ingredient known as Benzalkonium Chloride. “This is a preservative chemical with broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties that are used against microorganisms. Allowed by the FDA, this active ingredient is good for consumer hand rubs and consumer antiseptic products intended for use without water,” says Lisa Marie, who adds that yes – it will also work against viruses.

Germy Manes

Even if you’re consistently washing your hair/washing it daily, germs have the ability to live and thrive on your tresses. Scary, we know. Lisa Marie explains that “germs are carried in the hair by aerosol droplets that are able to land on hair and clothing,” which can lead to the spread of germs further. With the BioSilk Health + Beauty Antibacterial Hair & Body Mist, you’re protected for up to four hours, which is enough to bring a bit more peace of mind when heading out.

You don’t need to go overboard to get the mist to work. Lisa Marie recommends spraying it thoroughly throughout the hair and then brush it through, just as you would a normal spray. Again, this one can also be used on the hands and body.

Clean Inspiration

Essential works inspired the team at Farouk to create the spray, notes Lisa Marie. “We received many emails from nurses telling us how much they had to wash their hair in extremely hot water to ensure their hair was clean. The nurses were concerned with carrying any germs or viruses back home to their families. Also, because they had dry, brittle hair from frequently washing it, we thought of this solution to create a safer product that conditioned their hair while giving them the protection they needed. Our unique formula for the Antibacterial Hair & Body Mist adds moisture and strength to the hair and skin while providing protection from microorganisms.”



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Duh, It’s Good for the Hair

This isn’t just a medical-grade product – the spray can be used whether you’re in a germy situation (pretty much every situation these days) or if you’re staying socially distant. The spray is made with aloe vera, which helps retains moisture, as well as soothing lavender oil and silk protein. “Silk’s overall conditioning properties contribute to notable luster and shine. The silk protein ingredients also retain moisture, improves elasticity and provides a silky and shiny texture,” Lisa Marie adds. So now you can add haircare to the list of ways you’re staying safe!

A celebrity doctor explains how COVID-19 can live on your hair, HERE.

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