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What’s a Barber Brush and Why Do You Need It?

Like any good stylist, you pack countless multihyphenate products and tools in your kit, yet if smoothing, polishing or slicking are three things you do often for clients, your arsenal is lacking something: the Barber Brush. If you thought the brush was just for barbers and groomers, think again. A favorite of Jen Atkin’s, the handy brush has made countless cameos in stylists’ Instagram Stories takeover on Mane Addicts prompting our followers to inquire about the tool. So, what is a Barber Brush and why do you need it? Traditionally the Barber Brush is used to wipe away freshly cut hair on the nape of the neck and surrounding areas during and/or after a haircut.

barber brush

Photo: Suavecito.com

But, like a jumbo toothbrush, the barber tool can be used to smooth down the hair in preparation for a sleek style of any kind too, in most cases sans a heat tool. Remember the toothbrush’s ability to tame and spot treat frizzy flyaways? The Barber Brush does a bigger, better job on those larger areas of hair you’re aiming to tamp down or polish. Simply apply your product to the hair and go over it with the brush, or spray the brush with your favorite hairspray before smoothing the hair down. The Suavecito Barber Brush seen above, for example, is made with soft, synthetic bristles gentle enough for the face which means it won’t damage or tangle hair. And the best part? It’s only $5. A small price to pay for super-sleek and polished benefits.

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