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Inside Celebrity Hairstylist and Salon Owner Alex Brown’s Kit

When she’s not globetrotting with the Mane Addicts squad to tend to celebrity locks of the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid during fashion week, festivals, and major events, Alex Brown is beautifying manes in Chicago at her West Loop studio, which she opened one year ago. Whether the former hair assistant to our Editor in Chief Jen Atkin  fashions braids for Hailey Baldwin or beachy textured waves for an in-salon client, her work wows. Ahead, go inside Alex’s hair kit, as she breaks down the products and tools she always has on hand.

Photo: @toddrphoto

Kit Luggage:

  • CALPAK does everything I need it to—it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver and its milk marble pattern is super chic!
  • Muji Zip Cases are great for separating and organizing all of my products, hair extension supplies, and other odds and ends I keep in my kit.
  • BUILT NY Wine Totes– you can find on Amazon; they work perfectly to hold my hot tools even when they’re still hot.
  • Clear bead organizer- from any craft store; I keep bobby pins, all colors are separated, clear and black rubber bands, and clips. This helps me keep it organized and all in one place. This is how I also keep my Chloe and Isabel hair accessories organized.

Photo: @alexbrownhair


Photo: @alexbrownhair

Tools & Brushes:

Photo: @alexbrownhair

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Mizutani Scissors– the best!
  • This Golden Plated Toothbrush is the best for laying down baby hairs and putting down fly aways.  You can find this on Amazon!
  • Style Edit Root Concealer Spray for the part and/or sparse areas on the scalp will make the hair appear fuller and much thicker in photographs!
  • Hair Bungees -I get mine from Ricky’s in NYC. They’re the best for tying high ponies up and are so easy to use, i know that the look will be secured all night!
  • Mane Addicts Bang clips are great because they don’t leave creases in the hair and keep any fringe or hair around the face out of the way for the makeup artist.
  • Chloe and Isabel x Jen Atkin Hair Accessories, never know when you’ll want to add a little something more to the look!
  • Tons of ribbon, velvet, silk, and other random arts and crafts I find at Joann Fabrics are so nice to have on backup in case I want to add more details to the hairstyle!
  • Water bottle is always a necessity to re-wet the hair before I start a style.
  • Beauty Works Clip-in and Invisi-Tape Hair Extensions are a major plus to have in your kit for adding thickness or length to any client!

Photo: @alexbrownhair

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